Saturday, August 13, 2016

Cool/dumb things

So one Monica Puig of Puerto Rico won the country/territory's first gold medal in the Olympics in women's tennis. Only ranked #34 in the world, this is pretty cool stuff.

And Grenada's kicking it in the 400 meters. Also cool. You remember tiny Grenada. That's the country the late Gipper (Ronald Reagan) decided to invade because a few college students were acting up. Send in the paratroopers in full combat year. Evidently, old Ronnie must have thought the troops could use a little practice. Definitely not cool.

Some male American runner missed the cut for the finals in the 400 meters by a fraction of a second. Thing is, he was wearing two heavy gold chains around his neck throughout the race. Whatzamatta with this clown? Hey, lose the bling and maybe he gets a shot at a medal. Moron.

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) provides far better Olympic coverage than NBC (National Broadcasting Company --USA). The CBC announcers don't go berserk with superlatives and screaming like their American counterparts. Everybody's not the greatest. And they're a lot more even handed with what they show. NBC won't show anything unless an American is involved and they'll go on and on and on about their past accomplishments. Good grief. Everybody that makes it to the Olympics is really good at what they do or else they wouldn't be there. And the whole theory of the Olympics is it's an international event and is supposed to be more than just praising Americans. And the Canadian TV folks seem to be able to get by with far less commercials. Imagine that.

Interesting statement overheard -- There's not a person in the whole world who didn't love John Saunders, the ESPN commentator for over 30 years. Now that's quite a mouthful. Yours truly respectfully disagrees. I never met the man -- only saw him on TV once in a while interviewing jocks, talking about games, or yapping with other talking heads. He was alright, but I hardly loved him, either as a person or what he did for a living. May he rest in peace, but let's not get carried away with this love thing.

Even more interesting statement -- During the Dallas Cowboys/LA Rams exhibition game some announcer said the Cowboys' defense was loaded. Really? Well dang, somebody get those guys some coffee and try to sober them up a bit. The only thing loaded about Dallas is owner Jerry Jones -- with money. The team's not going anywhere near the Super Bowl this season. Not good enough.

Michael Phelps won another gold medal -- his 23rd in supposedly his last event at his last Olympics. Maybe. Who's to say he won't be back for another go-round in 4 years? Thirty four would be old for a swimmer, but so was 30 this time out and he seemed to do fairly well.

Good news and bad news about that. Unlike the idiot runner mentioned above, at least Phelps doesn't wear his gold during the event.

The bad news is -- will this guy ever get a real job? Just what are his qualifications anyway? Either been in a swimming pool or hanging out doing nothing for the last 12 years? Not much of a resume.

But the answer is obvious. Go into politics. Most of those clowns don't have a clue either.....

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