Sunday, August 21, 2016

Food for golf

Some of the names on the ladies' side of golf are interesting. Of late, many really good players seem to hail from the far east. Or is that the near west? Whatever.

But to the untrained mind -- see dummy like me -- they can also remind one of Oriental food. Or worse.

Inbee Park, a South Korean, just won another tournament. This is not to say Ms. Park is a bit hefty, but it's probably a good thing she has to walk the course instead of riding in a cart. They'd have to put a heavy duty suspension on that rascal. How to fix this? Hmm. Maybe about six months across the border in North Korea would do the trick. They'd slim her down in a hurry. Whatever she's been eating -- it's been a lot of it. Oink.

There's somebody, or something, called Shanshan Feng. Is that a golfer or maybe #6 at your local Chinese restaurant? If the latter, does it come with an egg roll? Beats me.

The one that REALLY jumped out was Pornathong Phatlum.  Do you eat that with chopsticks? A fork? Very carefully? At your own risk? Or maybe it's a person. Porn-a-thong? Really? Sounds more like an X-rated film star, or at least a pole dancer. And Phatlum? Does she put away some serious chow too? And oh, can we call her PP for short?

Nosirree, nary a Smith, Jones or Kadiddlehopper in the bunch. I think there's a Creamer, though. Maybe she should practice with Pornathong.

It's just about enough to get one reaching for the remote to change the channel.

And why is it with women's golf, I'm always hungry again an hour later?

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