Friday, August 12, 2016

More idle thoughts

The media is up to their old tricks. They're trying to hype Robert Griffin III, now the QB of the Cleveland Browns. Here's a clue. He stinks. He stunk it up for the Redskins -- where he couldn't even stay healthy, let alone perform at a high level -- and the wags think he's going to turn into a hot-shot QB with the woeful Browns?

Please. If Browns' fans thought Johnny Manzeil was a load -- wait until they get a load of this guy.

Wow. More surprises at the Olympics. First the tennis Williams sisters got bounced out early. Serb and #1 player in the world Novac Djokovic suffered the same fate. And now the women's USA soccer team has been eliminated from medal contention -- let alone the gold most thought they would win? Say it ain't so. Those pesky Swedes did them in. Though the Yanks outshot the blondies by better than a 4 to 1 margin, they managed one goal apiece. The Swedes would win on penalty kicks. Like hockey, shots on goal are overrated. Only the ones that go in matter.

Leave it to Hope (the Dope) Solo to say something outrageous. The USA goalie said her team had been beaten by a bunch of cowards. Really? This girl needs some serious therapy, or at least a muzzle. Is there a more genteel people on the entire planet than the Swedes? This is a clear case of sour grapes manifesting itself in crude, childish behavior. Of course Ms. Solo has been known for some boorish behavior in the past. How in the world Team USA keeps her on would seem to be a very good question. Don't they have anybody else in the country that can do a halfway decent job of goal tending while showing a little class to boot? She gives the whole team an international black eye with her attitude.

Michael Phelps, he of Fort Knox Olympic gold, got beat in his kinda sorta signature event -- the 100 meter butterfly? And was tied by two others for a distant second? Who woulda thunk it?

Alex Rodriguez is officially done as a player. It was pretty cool to see him get a hit in his final game to raise his batting average to .200. That sounds a heckuva lot better than .199. PED's or not, believe what you wish, he had a phenomenal career. Only A-Rod, Willy Mays and Hank Aaron got more than 600 home runs and 3000 hits. Evidently, he's going to slide into some "consultant" job with the Yankees. They might as well put him to work doing something. They're still on the hook for $21 million bucks next year. This is what you call a great job.

An even greater job is -- to no one's great surprise, Lebron James signed a 3-year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. $100 million big ones. While free agency was a good idea when it first started many years ago -- after all, one shouldn't be chained to one's job for life, and free to work elsewhere like everybody else -- these salaries have become totally insane.

To put Lebron's dough in perspective, he'll be making roughly one dollar a second. Do the math. That's $3600 bucks an hour. Not outrageous, you say? It is when you consider this is every second of every day of the year, whether he's playing, sleeping, eating, filming commercials for even more dough, etc., etc. -- anything. During the season, and the off season as well. Tick, tick, tick. This has definitely gotten out of control. And it will no doubt get worse when the new bonanza of a TV contract kicks in next year and the salary "cap" goes up accordingly. God help us.

Some Little Leaguer fouled a pitch straight back and shattered the lens of a TV camera that was rolling? It was bound to happen sooner or later. Pretty cool, though. That's a story the cameraman can yuk it up with with his workmates. He can also share it with his kids and grandkids, complete with video proof.

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