Tuesday, June 6, 2017

All hail --- Oklahoma?

Yep, congrats are in order for the Oklahoma ladies' softball team. They are national champions once again.

After a tournament that seemed like it would take forever to finally play out -- I mean, good grief, they've been going at it for a month -- how long should it take? -- even Congress is faster than that -- the Sooners wound up on top.

This was somewhat surprising, given they were merely a #10 seed going in and had to face heavy favorite and #1 Florida in the finals. But beat those pesky Gators twice in a row they did.

It's tough to begrudge the state of Oklahoma any sports glory. Once dominant, the boys' football team at OU hasn't been very good in recent times.

And the entire state has a grand total of ONE professional sports team. The Oklahoma City Thunder, which are the transplanted Seattle Supersonics. No NFL team. No Major League baseball, no NHL presence. They probably have a pro soccer team somewhere -- but who cares?

At that, in recent years the Thunder have seen such mega-talents as James Harden get away to Houston, and just last year Kevin Durant bailed to the Golden State Warriors. Things aren't looking exactly rosy on the NBA front -- one man show Russell Westbrook notwithstanding.

Besides, Oklahoma has to put up with all those tornadoes that tear up things, dust storms, droughts, and can the next swarm of locusts be far behind? It's always something in Okieland.

So here's to the Lady Sooners. They made (see-ya) laters out of Florida.

It's at least something.....

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