Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Those silly 2%ers

Granted, yours truly has no particular favorite in this year's NBA Finals between Cleveland and Golden State. But I am a bit tired of hearing Lebron this, Durant that, with an encore of Steph. One thing I know for sure is that one of them has to win and the other lose -- eventually. Definitely two heavyweights slugging it out for basketball supremacy.

Yet earlier today on a sports talk show, I heard an astounding prediction. The so-called "experts" gave Cleveland only a 2% chance of winning this series, given they were already down 2-0.

Wait a second. Only TWO PERCENT? Didn't the same thing happen last year? You know, after the Warriors had set the all-time record for wins in the regular season? And hadn't they trounced the Cavaliers in the first two games as well?

We know how that turned out. In fact, the stats show that Golden State beat Cleveland even worse last year in the first two games. A combined total of 48 points. This year it was only 41.

So where do they get off with this 2% thing? Surely, the Cavs are capable of coming back -- right?

And there it was. History was repeating itself. The Cavs were going to win Game 3. They were ahead by 6 points with under three minutes remaining, and playing at home. What could go wrong? Let's make it a 2-1 series and see what those wise guys come up with on their percentages tomorrow. Betcha that 2% goes up quite a bit.

Uh oh. What's that? The Warriors came storming back to win by 6 points -- in Cleveland? Get outta here. That wasn't supposed to happen. How, in the name of Hillary, did they blow such a comfortable lead?

Well then. I stand corrected. Instead of 2-1, the series is now 3-zip. And Cleveland star Kevin Love looked like he might have turned an ankle in a bad way in the waning seconds of the game. Oops.

Huh. Let's make that 1%. Where's Dandy Don Meredith when you need him to sing?

"Turn out the lights -- the party's over......"

And tell the fat lady to start warming up......

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