Monday, June 12, 2017

Another TV day

Well, let's see. We now have an "extra-crispy" Colonel spokesman for the chicken joint. He replaces his "extra-doofus" forerunner that Norm guy was. Perhaps an improvement. In the meantime, their prices have been extra-going up. One can only wonder what might be next. Here's an idea. How about an "extra-breast or thigh" guy, to replace those dang wings? If I wanted expensive wings, I'd go to that wild buffalo joint -- though for the life of me I don't get it. I mean, c'mon, did you ever see a bison with wings? And somewhere, may he RIP, the "original" (no pun intended) Colonel probably isn't very happy on how he's being portrayed these days. Great cole slaw and gravy, but stay away from the corn and mac/cheese. Nasty stuff.

It seems Flo the insurance lady is getting a little porky in the strike zone these days. What I want to see is a picture of her mother. Anybody wondering how a young lady is going to turn out downstairs need only look at her mom. It never fails.

We also have a brand new "most interesting man in the world". A chip off the old block, this one. Still the same goofy look, slobbery lips, and doing dumb stunts only to hang out with babbling women. Stay wasted, my friends.

That insurance duck hasn't been quite the same since Yogi Berra passed on. At least one of them was yuk-worthy, and it wasn't the one with wings, though Yogi may indeed have them these days. Who wouldn't want a guardian angel like old #8? Yeah, he might get one into trouble somehow, but dang, it would be a blast.

From top to bottom, the Dems/Reps, left/right, libs/cons are still at each others' throats while nothing worthwhile gets accomplished. Just another day in America. Yawn.

The US Golf Open is going to happen this week. Bring it on.

With 3 minutes left in Game 5, and the Golden State Warriors ahead by double digits, apparently on their way to a championship, Kevin Durant's mom is crying at courtside. So what's up with her? This is no time for tears. Good grief, she'll probably get another mansion and a Rolls or Bentley out of the deal. Hey K-ma. Be happy. Your boy finally done good.

Idle thought: Why do so many moms of athletes have different last names than their sons? Maybe this free agency thing has gotten out of control on the homefronts. Probably not a good thing.

And yep, there it was. Golden State are the champs. Lebron James has been dispatched yet again. His record in the Finals now stands at a not-so-good 3-5. It will be a long flight back to Cleveland for the "king". And some serious 'splainin to do to the local reporters once he gets there. Good luck with that.

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