Sunday, November 11, 2012

Down goes Alabama!!!!

Yours truly admits he messed up on this one. I didn't think anybody would knock off Bama. The only question that seemed to remain was who would face them in the national championship game. Oops. My bad.

Rallying here -- I'm not wrong all that often. Even my Significant Other and Seldom Ordinary (aka SO and SO) would likely vouch for that. I have been repeatedly informed that I'm only wrong when I say something or do something. But what does so and so know anyway? Silly girls. That is, unless she reads this -- then my rally will probably be short lived, and you might have to imagine my next rant being given in a soprano voice. Life can be rough sometimes, ya know?

At any rate, while all my body parts are still without major pain and functioning somewhat normally, I dare say things have become interesting in the chase for the college football national championship game.

Yep, Bama got knocked off at home, courtesy of Texas A&M. It could well be that after the emotional victory at LSU last week (which they were lucky to win), the Crimson Tide had a mental let-down and underestimated the Aggies. They shouldn't have. A&M was a very respectable #15 ranked team, and everybody going up against a #1 is going to bring their A-game. No sympathy here for the Crimson Tide, because they likely had it coming. At that, how in the hell does Alabama schedule a patsy towards the end of the season when everybody else around the country is slugging it out in conference play? Next week Bama hosts Western Carolina. Woe be it to the Catamounts, because Alabama head coach Nick Saban is, how do you say -- pissed. Look for something like a 72-0 score. Yet, the only way Bama gets back in the title game is if they get a bunch of help elsewhere.

Oregon, Kansas State, and Notre Dame remain undefeated. Despite the hype, Paul "Bear" Bryant himself could come back from the grave replete with his porkpie hat to exert his considerable influence and cheer them on, but there's no way a team like Bama, with one loss, at home, no less, gets another shot at a national championship unless some very strange things happen in the next couple weeks.

At that. even if they all go undefeated, between Oregon, K-State, and Notre Dame, somebody would have to be left out. A closer look at the possibilities tomorrow.

If the print's a little smaller, then you'll know so and so, bless her sweet little heart, had occasion to read this, and yours truly suffered the consequences. Ain't love grand?


  1. John: That is what you get for making all those wild a** predictions. You, more than anyone should know that in Sports, anything can happen on any given day. Kind of reminds me of the Rant about he twenty reasons the Tigers could not make the playoffs let alone the Series. And maybe this So and So that you are in love with has the right idea about giving you the Wrath of Her.

    The Princess

    1. Princess. Once again, I never said the Tigers couldn't make the playoffs or World Series. I merely spelled out reasons why the odds were not in their favor at the time. As for So and So and Her Wrath? Please don't encourage her. She doesn't need any help tearing me up. Trust me.