Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lee Corso and Deliverance

Most college football fans know who Lee Corso is. He's the guy on the Saturday ESPN pre-game show that comes up with all sorts of antics to entertain the fans while doing a TV broadcast as well. Corso is playfully famous, or infamous, depending on who's rooting for who at the time, for donning various team paraphernalia, up to and including  "mascot" costumes, of the school he picks to win the upcoming game. But it's all done in good fun. As they say, nobody hates merriLee -- or something like that.

Corso knows a lot about college football. He was a player himself at Florida St., and eventually became the head coach at a few universities, notably Indiana for 10 years. Problem was, as witty as he was -- his record was lousy.

So it might be fair to say Corso not only fell into a pretty sweet gig as a TV analyst -- he's highly entertaining, really good at it, and appears to have found his niche. One never knows what he'll come up with next, perhaps even his co-panelists. But then I saw something tonight that scared me.....

While channel surfing, mostly switching back and forth from the early stages of the Indy Colts/Jax Jaguars, and Florida St./Virginia Tech games, I caught the tail end of a commercial. Evidently, Lee Corso is endorsing products these days. No surprise there. Heck, everybody else is.

This product had to do with those slanted boxes that have a hole on top that people lob bean bags at, and whoever gets the most bean bags to fall into the hole -- wins. I think. Or maybe it's like horseshoes. If you get a leaner over the hole, that counts for something too. Beats me. Yours truly played it once in a campground after a 6 hour canoe trip -- where every alcoholic beverage known to mankind was shared amongst a few dozen paddlers going down the river, and I barely remember being back in the campground that night. So I never did know what that game was called, but I digress.

At any rate, it must be pretty popular these days amongst the sane people that weren't on that trip. Nevertheless, what I saw at the very end of that commercial gave me cause for alarm.

Not only is Corso endorsing the product, but it appears there's some sort of contest involved. I didn't catch the details of all that. What made me flinch was the name of it.

Corso's Cornhole Challenge.

Now, I'm an old school kind of guy, and I understand different people interpret different things in different ways.

Still..... With no other information to go on, that sort of phrase can be downright scary, depending on how one interprets it. I don't want to know the rules of the game or who may sign up to participate.

Just in case.


  1. Well John, now you have done it. Never again will I read your blog while drinking coffee, or any other liquid. I had a mouthful of coffee when I got to "Corso's Cornhole Challenge".

    Needless to say I spit coffee all over the desk, display and keyboard.

    Corso is even older than you, about 77 I think. I would think that word means the same to him as it does to us. Which leads to the question why would he let them use that word along with his name? Or maybe he is a typical irreverent old fart and doesn't really care anymore if he shocks people. One of the only good things about getting old.

    1. Al. There's people out there that are actually older than us? Really? Hey, we irreverent old farts have to stick together. Sorry about the keyboard. LOL

    2. I put my keyboard a few feet away, and there are no liquids around, because, I can't believe how stupid, this guy is to name a game C...C...C...the above mentioned words!!! Yes, he knows it's just a play on words, but guys in our age group, now what time it is....Now the other problem for me is that I can't use my usual sign off...(C.C.) I'll just use.....MEL

    3. Careful there, bro, or word might leak that MEL stands for Macho Erotic Lovemachine. I knew a guy down in Florida like that once that had all the pretty girls drooling over him. Better to stick with CC but, no matter what, stay away from that game. LOL