Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good news and bad news

For Detroit Lions' fans, the good news is the Houston Texans just whipped the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. The Lions didn't lose any ground on the division leading Bears.

The bad news is the Lions got whipped themselves in Minnesota and are still floundering around in the cellar of the same division.

The even worse news is the Houston Texans, arguably the best team in the NFL, comes a-calling to Detroit on Thanksgiving day, where they might very well do some serious turkey carving of their own in front of a national TV audience.

Overdue epiphany news. Get used to it Lions' fans. While flying under the radar, the Lions played a week schedule last year, but finally got exposed in the placeoffs. This year the schedule's tougher, and other teams are taking them seriously. Look at the results. They weren't that good then -- and they aren't that good now. Yes, there is indeed always hope. Yet I would suggest a consultation with a Chicago Cubs fan over the age of 90. Perhaps that will bring things a little bit more into focus.

Good news. After Jimmy Johnson blew a tire and crashed, Brad Keselowski, a Rochester Hills native, now has a 20 point lead in NASCAR's "chase" for the championship with only one race remaining. BK need only finish 15th or higher at Homestead in the finale to be crowned king of the roundy-rounds.

Bad news. A long simmering feud between Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer, both hopelessly out of contention, finally erupted on the track. They wrecked each other for no good reason. If I'm one of the people paying for those $300,000 race cars, I'm not too happy about this.

Worse news. If that wasn't bad enough, the JG and CB pit crews decided to get into a little Cripps vs Bloods action after the race. Worse yet, Bowyer ran towards Gordon's "hauler", evidently to put a "whuppin" on Wonder Boy, but was thankfully restrained.

C' mon boys. You're supposed to be professionals -- remember? Can you please quit with the personal stuff that others have to pay for? Is that asking too much?

Almost bad news. The ever marketable Danica Patrick blew a motor on the last lap throwing oil all over the track. Had it happened earlier, who knows what sort of mayhem that may have caused, or how it might have affected the outcome of such an important race? Leave it to Danica. It's always going to be something, and usually not good. She's not even competitive in the (minor league) Nationwide Series, let alone the (major league) Sprint Cup series.  A wreck waiting to happen. Yours truly has a couple questions about that... Why would they even allow the loose cannon green machine on the track with so much at stake in the first place? She was never that good at Indy car racing, worse in the Nationwide Series, and now she's out there running around with the Sprint Cup championship on the line? Can't she just go pose for swimsuit companies or something and leave the real race car drivers alone to sort this out? They could make a movie about her performances on the NASCAR tracks. Clear and Present Danger of a Different Kind. Carbusters? The Long Green Wreck? Better yet, how about instead of "Patton", just call it "Patrick". While others are being slaughtered all around her, she marches off to glory in the end. Or at least endorsements.

Idle thought.... The only way Jimmy Johnson wins the championship is if Brad Keselowski has a very bad day. JJ has teammates Gordon, Dale Jr., and Kasey Kahne, all hopelessly out of contention. I wonder what the reaction would be if one of those 3 guys somehow "accidentally" managed to wreck Keselowski during the race?

Good news. The Detroit Pistons started last year with a 4-20 record. The chances of that happening again this year are slim.

Bad news. It might be even worse.

Good news. The so and so I spoke of last time is having technical difficulties logging on to this website to read my nonsense. Last I heard she was venting her wrath at Comcast. Those poor devils.

Bad news. She'll figure it out eventually, and that same wrath will eventually be turned my way.

Reality. Sigh.


  1. Well John, I have never been a Jeff Gordon fan, so the thought of someone putting a little Whoop A** on him is Entertaining. I do agree that it was a bit like a scene out of "Big Time Wrestling" where the "Bad Guys" attack the "Good Guys" in the back hallway by the dressing rooms after the "Match". As far a Danica, I am positive she made that engine malfunction. Give it up John.

    As for the Pistons, we shall see. Either way, you know the Detroit fans are loyal to their teams, win or lose.

    The Princess

    1. That's hard to figure, Your Highness. If you're the Wonder Girl, it would stand to reason you'd root for Wonder Boy. But you super-hero types have always been a strange bunch with all your in-fighting, petty jealousies, and such. As for Danica? She might very well have caused that motor to come apart if she over-revved it on the last lap. As the checkered flag flew, cars were wrecking everywhere sliding through the oil trail she'd laid down on the track. I should give it up? My writing may be a wreck but it doesn't cost other people millions of dollars. There's a difference. SHE could give it up. Yeah, Detroit sports fans are suckers, but lately, despite the promotions and hype, the Pistons can't even come close to selling out their own arena. They're less popular than tractor pulls. This is not a good sign for the equity man, Mr. Gores. And it ain't gonna get better anytime soon.

  2. John: Over-reved it? Really John, do you mean ran it at higher RPM's than what it was built for. Hardly her fault, and that is part of racing. Always has been, always will be. You are implying that only good race teams should be allowed to be on the track. Which means that only good Football teams should be allowed to compete. Goodbye Lions. LOL Give it up John.

    Besides Royalty where I come from, dont argue amongst ourselves.

    The Princess