Friday, May 3, 2013

Best comeback of all time?

Now that was one pitiful showing. The NY Knicks at the Boston Celtics for Game 6 in their opening round playoff series. Boston was beyond terrible.

Only 10 points in the first quarter? Another measly 17 in the second for a halftime total of 27? Good grief, many high school girls' basketball teams put up more points than that -- in a whole lot less minutes of play.

If they weren't throwing up bricks or having their shots blocked, the Celtics were committing stupid fouls, missing lay-ups, and generally playing like they couldn't wait for their season to end. Noted Boston shooter Paul Pierce was 2 for 20. At one point they had more turnovers (18) than field goals (15). Needless to say, that's bad basketball at the NBA level.

Beleaguered Boston head coach Doc Rivers looked like he needed one -- as in a head doctor -- a shrink. If Rivers had any hair to pull out, surely he would have done so.

Though the Knicks weren't exactly lighting it up themselves, midway through the 4th quarter the Celtics found themselves behind by a whopping 26 points. The fat lady in Beantown was ready to belt out her tune.

Then something very strange happened. The Celtics scored a few baskets. Then a couple more. The all but dead crowd came roaring back to life. Next thing ya know, Boston had gone on a 20-0 run. The Knicks looked like they were crumbling faster than the Twin Towers in their own city a few years ago. Holy comebacks, Batman, could the oldest team in the NBA actually pull off such a miracle on hardwood to extend the series to a Game 7?

Of course not. Are you nuts? Nobody comes back from 26 points down midway through the 4th quarter. The Celtics are history -- outta here.

But it was interesting there for a few minutes....  

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