Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The topsy-turvy NBA playoffs

No NBA team has ever overcome a 3-0 deficit to win a playoff series. But this year might be the first. In fact, it could happen a couple different ways. The Okla City Thunder took a 3-0 lead on the Houston Rockets, only to see them storm back and win the next two, the last being in Okla City. Now they go to Houston for Game 6. If the Rockets win at home to force a game 7, entirely possible, if not likely, who knows? Since the freak season ending knee injury to Okla City superstar Russell Westbrook, the Thunder don't seem to have very much, well, thunder. Their chances of returning to the NBA Finals appear bleak, at best.

In the east, the NY Knicks ran out to a 3-0 advantage over the Boston Celtics, and that scenario is playing out much the same as the one above. Boston won the next two, the last in Madison Square Garden, and now they go back to Beantown for Game 6. For the most part, Boston is an old team, and without the services of their own superstar guard Rajon Rondo, but they seem to have acquired a little fire in their bellies lately. Plus, the Knicks look like their wheels are falling off. They have 4 guys standing around waiting for Carmelo Anthony to do something. That's not going to get it done. That series could easily go to a Game 7 and who knows situation as well.

It wasn't a 3-0 situation -- merely 2-0, but most thought the LA Clippers, the new best team in La-La land, would dispatch the Memphis Grizzlies. Then the Grizz came back to win 3 in a row. The Clips now have to go to Memphis and win to just survive.

Idle thought -- I wonder if after such high expectations, if the Clips gets bounced in the first round -- will the TV folks still be showing those Chris/Cliff Paul commercials every 10 minutes -- or will they disappear?

In the meanwhile, the current odds-on favorites to reach the Finals -- namely the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs -- swept their series' and are getting a rest, while they await their next opponents.

Also getting a rest are the Detroit Pistons. A long one. After yet another miserable season, they await the draft. Even if everything goes right for them, no given by any means, they're likely at least 2-3 years away from being serious contenders. Somehow GM Joe Dumars escaped the axe this year, but former head coach Lawrence Frank did not. His head rolled. So not only are the Pistons in the market for talent, but also for a new head coach.

Yours truly is thinking about applying for that job.

More on that next time.

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