Saturday, May 18, 2013

The NHL and the "look".

Uh oh. The LA Kings are getting that look about them again. Remember last year, when they barely snuck into the playoffs? Then they got on a roll, and next thing ya knew, presto, Lord Stanley's hardware was in LA-LA land. Fast forward a year, and they're up to their old tricks. Look out.

Idle thought: Is there another arena anywhere that hosts 3 professional sports teams (Lakers, Clippers, and Kings) like the Staples Center?

In the east, Sid the Kid Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins is once again showing he's the real deal. A hat trick against the Ottawa Senators. The Penguins are probably as skilled as any other team not named the Chicago Black Hawks, but their goalie makes some bone-headed moves once in a while. Coming 15 feet out of the crease and letting the puck get behind him? Oops. Chalk up a goal for the other guys. Having the puck in his glove while the opponents were on a power play, then trying to drop it off to one of his defensemen, with the Senators swarming around like a hungry school of piranhas? Bad idea. No goal resulted, but he lucked out on that one.

Uh oh. Red Wings coach Mike Babcock is starting to get that look again too. The deer in the headlights once the playoffs start look -- but with a slight twist -- an attitude.

Q & A Dept.

Didn't hear the question, but Babcock responded to a reporter by saying he/she should just basically chill. Everything would be alright with his Red Wings.

Response yours truly would had loved to hear a reporter come back with ---

Hey Coach, whether your team wins or loses makes no difference to us. Our job is to report it either way. And if anybody in this room sounds worried after your team got taken to the woodshed in the first game -- it's YOU.

Bet that would have got interesting.

Idle thought II: Can a head coach send a reporter to the penalty box? Give him/her 2 minutes for "roughing" his company line and/or ego? That would be a scary precedent.

So who's going to win the Stanley Cup this year?

Beats the hell out of me. In the west, the Black Hawks are the most talented team, but those pesky LA Kings.....

In the east, Pittsburgh's probably the best, but they haven't got past Ottawa just yet, and the Bruins and Rangers are a couple of nitty-gritty teams with a fair amount of talent themselves. Whoever comes out of that series will be no pushover. Tough call.

The Red Wings? They've got a shot -- but only a very long one. Forget all that stuff about championship pedigree because it's totally irrelevant. Ask the LA Lakers, or the Boston Celtics, or the NY Yankees, or even the Montreal Canadiens about that. What happened in years past doesn't matter. Different players and different times. That was then, and this is now.

Even if the Red Wings somehow get past the Black Hawks, they'll likely have the defending champ Kings waiting on them in the western conference finals. Did I mention LA is back on a playoff roll lately? Then whatever beast comes out of the east in the true Finals.

But ya never know.

Stranger things have happened in Detroit.

Brandon Inge, a career .234 hitter, made over $40 million playing in Motown for 12 years. He had more srikeouts than homers, walks, and RBIs combined. And he was a fan favorite!!


At any rate, here's hoping the Red Wings overcome the odds and march on to glory. Obviously, with all the other messes that are going on there, Detroit could use some good news wherever they can get it.

Maybe one of their sports teams winning a championship would help ease the pain, if only for a little while.

It ain't gonna be the Lions any year soon. They've got that look about them again too. Losers.

Trust me on that one......

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