Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jason Day. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

By most all accounts, Jason Day is a good dude, a true gentleman not only on the course, but off it. That's why it was refreshing to see him finally net his first major golf title -- this year's PGA.

Being paired in the final round with the newly crowned #1 in the world Jordan Spieth lurking only two shots behind, the 27 year old Aussie had his work cut out for him. Would he come up just short again, as he has in recent majors?

Not this time. A final round 67 with barely a glitch sealed the deal. Though Day himself would later say he didn't expect it to happen, he broke down in tears after his final putt on the 18th dropped. Very touching stuff from a worthy champion indeed.

[On a related note, even the boorish Tiger Woods congratulated him, via social media of course. Eldrick had missed the cut once again and was already back at his new restaurant in Florida. Leave it to Tiger to get in a plug. As if his opinion even remotely matters anymore.]

Yet beyond the obvious feel good story of Jason Day winning the Wanamaker trophy were a couple things that flew under the radar.

Day has been happily married to his wife Ellie for several years. She's gorgeous. Of course a handsome rascal like Jason Day making millions of bucks on the PGA tour likely wouldn't have headed to the altar with your average Rosie O'Donnell. I got your back Donald. Sorry. Ahem.

And Jason couldn't wait to hoist his 3-year old child into his arms after claiming the victory. Yours truly saw it wrong. I thought it was a girl but, hey, when a 3-year old has a mop of hair, who can tell the difference?

Turned out, it was a boy named Dash. Dash Day is an interesting name, and Jason/Ellie had every right to dub their son whatever they wanted to. Besides, it certainly beat a few other options. Consider the first names of....

And heaven forbid TGIFri.

Then again, Jason could have gone back to his roots and named the boy merely G'. The crocodile man would have been proud of that. Is he still around?

But one has to consider the lovely Mrs., excuse, Ms. Day is from Ohio. A buckeye. Guess where they live now? It ain't in Queensland. Those buckeyes can be a strong willed sort when it comes to where the family is going to put down roots.

What's more, the Day family is expecting their second child shortly. It's due to pop out of the oven sometime in October. No word yet on whether this is a girl or another boy. But then Jason and Ellie will have to make another decision. What do they name #2?

If the first one is Dash, why not call the second one Dine? After all, with apologies to Batman and Robin, siblings named Dine and Dash would make an interesting dynamic duo. True, the crocodile man would likely say CRIKEY, and it would be necessary to keep a watchful eye on them when they got a bit older and were finishing up their meals at a restaurant, but that's nothing that couldn't be worked out. Daddy's got millions. He'll pick up the tab. Did I mention he's a nice guy?

Nevertheless, all hail Jason Day, the 2015 PGA champion. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Still not sure about how he wound up in Buckeyeland, but it is what it is. And somewhere the crocodile man likely doesn't approve. But he can't stare down the best player in the world and shoot 67 in the final round of a major either. I think.....

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