Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills

This is an old draft that I never finished and forgot about. While cleaning up files, I recently came upon it. Yes, the delete button would have been easier -- and likely less painful on any potential readers -- but yours truly decided what the hell? Idiocy is nothing new here. Might as well add a few more moronic phrases and throw it out there. Back to the past and on to more stupidity. It follows...

Remember not long ago when Buffalo got bombed by about 8 feet of snow over a mere two days? Buffalo is used to blizzards and a lot of the white stuff, but they'd never seen anything like that before. It shut the whole town down. Everything stopped. A medical emergency? Bad break, because even ambulances couldn't run.

And now in their, ahem, infinite wisdom, the Buffalo Bills appear to have hired recently fired NY Jets coach Rex Ryan to head up their team. Guess what? They've haven't experienced anything quite like that before either. Good luck.

Ryan is supposedly a defensive minded guru, but so is his twin brother Rob. Funny how wherever Rob goes, his defenses get torched by opposing offenses, which led to him getting the boot from Dallas a while back. After snorting he'd have another job in "5 minutes", it took months before he finally caught on as the defensive coordinator in New Orleans. Disregarding the whole "Bountygate" thing a while back, the Saints used to have a pretty ferocious defense. How did Ryan fare? The Saints gave up 120 more points and 1253 more yards than they did the year before. That's a bunch. What could head coach Sean Peyton have possibly been thinking when he hired this clown?

Fast forward to the present. Some Jets back-up linebacker recently sucker-punched starting quarterback Geno Smith in the locker room, breaking his jaw. Not a good thing for Jets fans. Geno had to have surgery, will likely have his mouth wired shut for a few weeks, and is expected to be out of action for somewhere between two or three months. Of course the linebacker was promptly cut by the Jets.

Normally, any player capable of such an outrageous action against one of their own teammates would be considered radioactive around the league. Who would want to take such a loose cannon into their locker room?

Ah. Enter Rex Ryan. The new Bills head coach snapped him right up. Is it because Ryan considered him talented, or just to rub a little egg in the face of the Jets which fired him after last year?

And after all, being in the same division, the Bills and Jets will face each other twice this year. The chances of either making the playoffs are slim, and Super Bowl hopes none, but leave it to a Ryan to stir the pot every chance he gets.

The hype and side-shows they generate (wherever they are) seem to be merely smoke screens to hide their incompetence.

Granted, the Bills haven't been any good since QB Jim Kelly led them to four Super Bowls (all losses) a few decades ago. And now they think Rex Ryan can be their savior? And give him a bazillion dollar contract to boot? Are they nuts?

Trust me. There will come a time when that 8 feet of snow a while back will start looking pretty good as opposed to Rex Ryan being in charge of their football team. This could get ugly in more ways than one.......

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