Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

In America, this is a big deal. Lots of football games to watch, hockey and basketball action, hangovers to suffer through, and the jails are chock full of drunk drivers that got hauled in the night before. The authorities are more than happy to ring in 2016 with the major cha-chings they will extract from these poor souls in the name of "safety". If their main objective was to keep people safe, then why not have them park their vehicle and give them a ride home? Who's kidding who? It's about the money. Always has been.

I read where people had been advised to welcome in the new year by ringing bells, rather than firing gunshots into the air as in the past. That would seem to make sense. Have you seen the price of ammunition lately? A certain chief of police even said a bullet fired up must come down eventually somewhere and could hit somebody really hard on their head. This guy is obviously a GENIUS in the world of physics. Nevermind all the deliberate drive-by shootings that continue to go on in his town, he's worried about the one in a billion chance of a stray bullet falling from the sky once a year and doing someone harm. As always, be afraid -- very afraid. Right.

Your truly doesn't know if other countries celebrate a New Year on this date. Da/nyet? Ja/nein? Oui/non? Or in the Canadian --  Yah/no way hoser? Beats me.

But a happy day to one and all, whoever and wherever you are.

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