Friday, January 8, 2016

Idle thoughts

The Seattle Seahawks are going to take on the Minnesota Vikings in a playoff game this Sunday. For whatever sadistic reason, the Vikes have returned to an open air stadium. This does not normally bode well in January. Translation? The weather forecast calls for a temperature somewhere around zero degrees with a wind chill factor of 20 below. And these guys are going to be crashing into each other at full speed under such frigid conditions? Enjoy yourselves, boys.

[Ah heck. It doesn't matter. The S-Hawks have that Super Bowl look about them again. No amount of cold is going to keep them from putting a whuppin on the upstart M-Vikes.]

It was interesting that Carolina Panther star quarterback Cam Newton (and his significant other) named their new baby son "Chosen". That's not a name we hear everyday. As Spock would have said, may Chosen Sebastian Newton live long and prosper. Then again, the name thing could have been a lot worse. Naming his boy Isaac Newton would have raised a few eyebrows . But if Cam and his girlfriend really wanted to have the media go wild -- they could have dubbed him Figaro Uriah Newton. Fig Newton for short, and somebody would have eventually figured out his initials were quite F.U.N. as well. Come to think of it -- doesn't Cam Newton wear jersey #1? So.... is he telling us his son is the future, ahem, "Chosen One"? Yikes.

Lady's college hoops doesn't get a whole lot of TV time. To nobody's great surprise, the UConners are once again ranked #1. Yours truly caught a bit of a game they were playing at Houston. The Lady Huskies were actually trailing. Horrors!!!  While playing their trademark lock down defense, UConn missed one open shot after another. Could the Cougars (helluva name for a female team) actually pull off an upset?

Then off to take a quick shower. For whatever reason, watching cougars working up a sweat makes me feel dirty. When I got back, UConn was up by 40 points. Ah yes, Geno's Bambinos may have experienced a short lull against the Cougs, but they remain very much the real deal. When they get on a roll, as they so often seem to do in games -- lookout. Will anybody beat these girls all season? So far, the closest any opponent has come is to lose by 10 points. They were Notre Dame and Maryland, both ranked in the Top 5.

The Golden State Warriors keep rolling along. Now at 34-2, they're on track to challenge the best NBA regular single season record ever. Can they keep it up? Maybe.

Games to watch. A week from Monday, they go to Cleveland. Lebron's on a mission to bring an NBA title to Cavland, and he's got some very talented help. And the Warriors still have home and away games against the San Antonio Spurs. Don't look now, but Coach Pop's crew has quietly racked up a 32-6 record. Those will be battles of the titans indeed.

And the Detroit Lions have a whopping 24 players that can become free agents, and no general manager to conduct any sort of negotiations.

Just another day in Motown. The magical kingdom of Ford ownership stumbles/bumbles/lurches on.....


  1. Actually, the Lions do have a GM. And he's a damn good one.


    1. Maybe. At first glance the Mighty Quinn would appear to be a pretty good hire. Smart enough to be in Bellichick's inner circle, and a player personnel guy. How that will play out with Martha, her girls, and the Wood man remains to be seen. If he any brains he'll axe Caldwell and hopefully lure Josh Daniels away from the Patriots to be the HC. If he keeps him, it's just more Lions business as usual.

    2. Actually, hiring Josh McDaniels would be a typical Lions move. They can do better. How about Sean McDermott?

    3. That's a thought. Hard to dispute McDaniels pedigree under Bellichick, though. Depends if Quinn thinks the Lions would be better served with an offensive minded HC, or a D guy like McDermott. But in the end, they'll probably keep Caldwell. THAT, my friend, would be a typical Lions move.