Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lovie Smith fired. So?

The Tampa Bay Bucs recently fired head coach Lovie Smith. Players and pundits alike are howling in protest. Such a fine man. Such a great coach. Such a natural born leader of men.

Such baloney.

Smith spent nine years as the Chicago Bears' head coach (2004-2012). During that time his teams enjoyed four good seasons, four more mediocre to sub-par, and one terrible one. He made millions and millions of dollars. Finally, the brain trust overseeing the team at Soldier Field woke up to reality and came to the conclusion dear Lovie was never going to lead their team to the promised land. He was rightfully fired.

Then on to Tampa Bay. Over two years, Smith compiled a record of 8-24. Three losses for every win. And he collected more millions of dollars while coaching the team into the cellar of the NFC south division both years. And this was against the not so formidable competition of Atlanta, New Orleans, and Jacksonville.

So the Bucs just fired him as well. My question would be ----

What's the big deal? Because he's a "minority" coach? Shut up. A loser is a loser no matter what color he is. Looked at objectively, Smith had no business ever becoming an NFL head coach in the first place. His game management over the years has proven he's pretty well clueless.

He might catch on somewhere else -- such is the nature of the NFL carousel of coaches and coordinators -- and there's a lot of job openings out there at the present time.

Yet what is the ultimate goal of any NFL team? To get to and win the Super Bowl -- right?

So be honest. How many people out there really truly think that Lovie Smith heading up a team can ever pull that off? My response would be -- not a chance. He came close in Chicago once, but then the team quickly slid back down to the nether regions.

The people clamoring over Smith's ouster in Tampa Bay miss the point. Some people have the "right stuff" to mold a championship team. Love them or hate them, Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll are of that ilk. Others are not, and never will be, regardless of the player personnel they have been presented with.

And he got fired.

So what's the big deal indeed?

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