Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Brady's jersey and dumb ads

First, a word from our sponsors. They say -- You need life insurance.

My answer would be -- No, I don't. The people that stand to inherit it are the ones that really want me to get it. My question would be -- why should I pay into something for the rest of my life just so somebody else can get rich when I die? That's a dumb idea. No thanks. If they want money, get a job like I did.

So Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey mysteriously came up missing, eh? Well, call in the FBI and put Homeland Security on red alert, this is major news. Oh wait, because the game was played in Houston, the Texas Rangers are already on it. You know it's a slow crime day in Texas when the Rangers have nothing better to do than look for something as trivial as a football jersey.

But who is the culprit indeed, and will they ever be apprehended? Sure, if they're dumb enough to put it on eBay any time soon. If they're smart, they'll sit on it for a while and keep quiet. At least until the statute of limitations runs out, however long that is. A few years maybe. By then it will likely have appreciated in value as well. But somebody will probably run his/her mouth (brag), the word will spread quickly (especially if a reward is offered -- and Brady can surely afford it), and presto, somebody will get busted. Maybe.

Interesting. Another ad apparently offers a sort of magical elixir that can do away with a double chin. Doing away with both of them probably wouldn't be such a good idea. NO chin would look pretty weird.

Of course, they offer the "before" and "after" photos of somebody who it has worked wonders for. In the on-screen scroll, we are told these photos have not been retouched. Stop right there.

RE-touched? In other words, they're in as much saying they've been photo-shopped once. And once is one time too many. So why would one believe any other claim they might make if they can't even be totally straight with the pix?

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