Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stupid strikes again

News flash. Oklahoma quarterback is arrested after causing a scene, resisting arrest, having too much to drink, and generally being a public menace. So sayeth the cops.

Well, let's see. Baker Mayfield is 21 years old. Quite legal to ingest alcohol. He wasn't driving any sort of automobile. In fact, he was the guy trying to break up an altercation between a couple others. A peacemaker. But the boys in blue wanted him to hang around and make a "statement". He had every right not to. So he attempted to leave. Alas, his speech was allegedly slurred. So what? No harm done. But he had food on his presence. Is being a sloppy eater a crime these days? The thugs tackled him anyway. Enter handcuffs and being hauled off to the slammer. Now he's being portrayed as some sort of villain.

So who indeed were the stupid people here?

Speaking of clueless, Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors is up to his dirty tricks once again. No, this time it didn't involve another one of his thundering kicks to the groin area of an opponent -- but close. He tried a head shot with a flailing leg this time -- but missed. What is it with this guy? If that wasn't bad enough, with his team already far ahead of the LA Clippers, and a Clip on the free throw line -- Draymond started trash talking Paul Pierce -- who was sitting on the bench.

This is supposedly Pierce's last year in the league, and he's had a long and storied career to be sure. Quite likely a future Hall of Famer. So fans in different arenas have been giving him a sort of farewell tour as a show of their appreciation. What could be wrong with that?

But not good enough for Draymond. "You don't deserve this kind of love", he yapped. The man, if you want to call him that, is not only clueless -- but classless. A thug of the first order. His suspension from Game 5 of the NBA Finals last year -- with his team leading 3 games to 1 -- for even more of his goonish behavior -- was the catalyst that eventually saw the Cleveland Cavaliers come roaring back to take the title. But Draymond will never understand that. Did I mention stupid?

Deontay Wilder is generally regarded as a fearsome sort of heavyweight fighter. After all, he's had 38 fights and won 37 of them by knockout. And he's the champ -- at least one of them -- as boxing goes today. But he's only considered maybe the third or fourth best in the world. How can that be with such a record? Maybe because he's fought a lot of bums and old guys way past their prime.

To boot, in his most recent fight, the fix appeared to be in. With 35 year old Gerald Henderson apparently ahead on the scorecards -- who knows? -- Wilder caught him with a "questionable" punch and Henderson went down. He popped right back up and could be seen telling the ref he was just fine. So the fight went on. Wilder started throwing haymakers with both hands in an attempt to finish it. All well and good, except they struck nothing but gloves, arms, and air. No harm done to Henderson, if there was any in the first place. But the ref quickly jumped in and stopped the fight. Another TKO for Wilder.

And here's the kicker. After 37 fights, what was Wilder doing fighting in his home town of Birmingham, Alabama? Good grief, man. Champions are supposed to fight in much bigger venues at neutral sites. Like Las Vegas, or maybe Madison Square Garden. And not against 35 year old former football players like Henderson. But evidently the ref was just looking for a reason -- any reason -- to declare Wilder the victor. This was just stupid all the way around, and stunk of a fix as well.

Interesting that PGA golfer Pat Perez called out Tiger Woods as a washed up has-been. He's probably right, but getting after the pseudo-royalty that is Sir Eldrick in a public way probably isn't the smartest thing in the whole world to do. Like Trump feuding with the press, it's a fight he can't possibly win in the court of public opinion.


Then again, this guys drops f-bombs like a rapper on roids. What you see is what you get -- and it ain't pretty. Including his haircut.

For those that may think yours truly is nothing more than a trash talking fool, I have news for you. I can be nice sometimes. Just today, I bought my sweetie another dozen roses to replace the ones that were withering from Valentine's day. Plus I stopped at three local watering holes, had one beer at each and left each barmaid a $20 tip. Yep, I can be a regular super guy once in a while.

Either that, or just stupid. And hey, ramen noodles aren't so bad once you used to them.......

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