Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl numbers and a bonehead

According to the wise guys in Vegas, the New England Patriots were 3 point favorites to beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51, and the over/under (total points scored) was set at 58.5.

Of course, that can never work out exactly because there's no such thing as half a point in NFL football. But just for grins, yours truly will attempt to remember the Jethro Bodine math lessons of years past and do a little ciphering to see what actual numbers the bookies desired as a final result.

If X = Patriot points, then X-3 must be Atlanta points. And they have to add up to 58 and a half. If I have all my naughts in order, that comes out to a final score of New England 30.75 -- Atlanta 27.75.
Or rounding to the closest whole numbers, 31-28.

It is now halftime and Atlanta leads 21-3. Hmmm. Tom Brady better get his act in order in the second half to the tune of four touchdowns, and the so-far porous Patriot defense better tighten up and only allow a couple field goals in the second half. Could happen. But probably not. This just might be Atlanta's year to finally win something.

In the bonehead department, I proudly give you one Terrell Owens, former wide receiver supreme and big mouth to the max. He just got snubbed again in Hall of Fame voting. So what did he do? Kind of like a certain President, he immediately lashed out at anybody and everybody that questioned his worthiness.

Yep, TO went a bit ballistic on social media. He called the Hall of Fame itself a joke, and pretty much dissed those who cast such ballots as idiots. It's like he thought the election was rigged or something? Sound familiar? But wait, that other guy wound up winning, didn't he?

But bonehead that TO apparently remains, he somehow thinks trashing the very people that may or may not vote for him in the future must be a good idea. Well, good luck with that logic. Nothing like pissing off the electorate to get a few more votes. Did I mention bonehead?

Further, his message included a thank you to all his fans and supporters. Well then, what we need here is, appropriately enough, a TO -- time out. Or put another way, the dear Mr. Owens needs a serious reality check.

First of all, the man needs to realize he no longer actually plays football -- therefore he has no fans. And when it comes to supporters, well, if he had had a few, make that a lot more of those, he would have got elected this time around. His career stats are worthy of the Hall, but most continue to think of him as a jerk -- including the very people that decide whether or not he'll ever get into the HOF. Many of them would likely rather have him embalmed than enshrined.

Just to make sure I didn't forget, the dude's a bonehead. Maybe they need a Hall of Fame for just those sort of folks.

Lord knows there's no shortage of potential inductees these days......

Back to the second half.

If Brady, Belichick and Co. can pull this one out of some kind of hat to win yet another Super Bowl, there will be no doubt they're the greatest tag-team of all time.

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