Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cool Hand Luke and Ndamukong Suh

Like the man said -- "What we have HERE is a failure to communicate".

If he's not summoned for his latest bit of thuggery, it might not be a bad idea for Suh to ask for another audience with the NFL honchos in NY. Only this time, both sides should bring interpreters, because it seems somewhat obvious they weren't speaking the same language last time.

Even the staunchest Detroit Lion fan would have to concede Suh's actions in the Green Bay game were far, FAR, out of bounds. Sure, his team was getting beat. Sure, he was frustrated. But he's also a professional and, as such, should know the difference between a football game and a bar fight.

In a football game, one doesnt't grab an opponent who, by the way, doesn't even have the ball, wrestle him to the ground like a rodeo calf, jump on his back, pound his head into the turf a few times and, just for good measure, stomp on him as he's walking away. Not that it should matter, but this all occured in the most hyped game the Lions have played in for many many years. It was the only NFL game going on at the time, hence enjoying a monopoly of pro football TV fans, on a national holiday, was broadcast world-wide, and no doubt had an audience in the hundreds of millions of viewers. Rest assured, the above honchos in NY were watching as well.

And he pulls THAT sort of stunt? Well, good luck with the fine that's coming, because it will be hefty. Being suspended isn't totally out of the realm of possibility either. The NFL is very image conscious these days, and giving them a black eye in one of their showcase games will not sit well with them.

It seems Ndamukong and Luke have/had some other things in common. I wouldn't doubt for a second Suh could eat 50 eggs, but he's going to have to learn, like Luke did, that "I'm shaking the bush, Boss" thing will only be tolerated so far. Likewise, it appears Suh keeps digging a hole with his "goon play" and filling it back in with talent. Think what you will, but I suspect, like Luke's bosses, Ndamukong's superiors in NY will win this battle in the end. He's like an incoming warhead on their radar screen right now, and this sort of thing has to be eliminated -- or at least neutralized. They'll wear him out, and if he still won't abide by the rules, he'll BE out.

On a related note, Suh had stated in the days leading up to the game that the Packers, their 10-0 record aside, weren't perfect. Indeed they're not, but they're vastly superior to the team Suh plays on --  from top to bottom, and I dare say at every position on the field.

Think about it. Who do the Lions have that could "start" for the Packers? Stafford displacing Rodgers? Please. Running backs? Linebackers? The defensive secondary? Tight ends? The offensive line? Kickers? Coaches? Schwartz vs McCarthy? One's a defending Super Bowl champion that hasn't lost a game for the last calendar year. He's humble. The other has a 15-28 record as a head coach. He's got swagger. Hello? Even the FANS own the Packers, as opposed to a seriously elderly gentleman that inherited a car company, and makes an appearance about as often as Haley's comet.

Calvin Johnson, you say? Maybe. He's terrific in Detroit, but in Green Bay he'd be just another receiver. They're loaded at that position.

Suh himself? The Packers would never tolerate such a lack of discipline. That's just another reason they're so good. He would have either straightened up his act by now or been gone, likely traded elsewhere for a high draft pick. In years past, the Oakland Raiders would have seemed a perfect fit for him, because they prided themselves on taking in misfits and mavericks. But Al Davis, their principal owner for decades, who championed such a philosophy, recently passed away. Though some of their fans continue to revel in the skull and crossbones mentality, the Raiders have actually quietly been shifting from gangstas to professionals for several years now. Would another team be interested in Suh? Maybe, if they were willing to take on all the negative baggage (media attention) he would bring. It's doubtful that a perennial contender, especially one that values it image, would take a chance on that. Maybe a team that has nothing to lose by trying it. In another words, a lousy one.

If Suh keeps persisting in his bull-headed ways, another line from that movie comes to mind.

"I'm taking it off, Boss".

His shirt? Close. It might end up being his NFL jersey. Any jersey. Forever. And given his talent, that would be a shame.

Like Luke, Suh will be polite and say "yes sir" and "no sir" to the right people, when the occasion calls for it, but when it comes right down to it, he just has to do his own thing.

And we all know what happened to Luke in the end.

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  1. Too bad Vince ain't around!! he would put him on a short chain and make him eat 50 pounds of cheese. It probably wouldn't help! Suh is as stubborn as Luke..