Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ezekiel Ansah. Good news

So the Lions took defensive end Ezekiel Ansah with their #5 pick -- eh? This is good news on a couple fronts.

First, it benefits the cornerback position. No, the Lions probably won't attempt to convert Ansah to a corner (though never underestimate what that bunch might come up with next). And also no, the existing Lions cornerbacks still probably won't be able to cover anybody, but at least they have a better shot at an NFL job now. It benefits THEM. Because if the Lions had chosen Alabama corner Dee Milliner with that pick, as many projected them to do --  one of those guys would have to go.

The other good news is that Ansah is from BYU. You know, Mormon country. Now while those folks might have been a little shaky on the marriage thing in years past, you don't hear about many of them winding up on police blotters either. This should be an improvement for the Lions. Hey, they have to start somewhere. Maybe some of that upstanding citizen stuff rubbed off on Ansah during his years in Provo.

Whether he can actually be effective in the NFL remains to be seen, but even the name Ezekiel evokes thoughts of high moral character. After all, they don't name a book in the Bible after just anybody. Come to think of it, I didn't catch Ansah's age. Jeez, one certainly hopes he's not the same guy that WROTE that old testament book. That would not be good. But hopefully the oxymoronic "Lions' brain trust", nyuk, nyuk, checked that out.

No doubt, just like all other rookies, Ansah will go through the NFL orientation pep talk. The dos, don'ts, pitfalls, and perils of life in the NFL will be laid out for him. Perhaps it would be wise if they took Ansah aside and gave him some special advice. While he might have to line up on the field next to Ndamukong Suh swapping sweat, attend meetings, and even shower together -- going out and partying with the dude is not necessarily a real good idea.

If I remember correctly, the book Ezekiel in the Bible comes right after Lamentations and precedes the book of Daniel. Lions fans would have reason to lament indeed if all those years of a perfectly fine upbringing were to fall prey to the forces of darkness. Wait a minute -- wasn't Daniel the guy that got thrown into the lion's den? Well, there you have it. This draft pick was not only good -- it was of biblical proportions.

And that's my final Ansah.

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