Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tim Tebow and Mel

I've never had the pleasure of meeting Tim Tebow, but he's known as being quite a nice man.
On the other hand, I've crossed pathes with my buddy Mel more times than I can remember, and he's known as being quite a character -- to put it mildly.

Whether Tim and Mel have ever met each other is unknown to yours truly. They both seem to get around -- a lot. Tim is quite famous for football. Mel is quite famous for a lot of things, but I probably shouldn't get into that here. Yet while chances are good Tebow will never see this blog post, it's a sure bet Mel will. Thing is, they seem to have a lot in common in a strange sort of way.

Tebow came out of Florida, specifically the University of. He was a very successful college QB. When it came time to cash in, Tebow eventually landed in New York, as a Jet. He made millions.

Mel came out of New York City, specifically Brooklyn. He was a very successful businessman -- and a Jets fan. When it came to cash out, as in divorce, he eventually landed in Florida. He lost millions.

Tebow was and is known for his sterling reputation.  On the field he did not possess blinding speed, but he signed a lot of autographs. Not long ago, he publicly admitted he was still a virgin.

Mel is well known for his chrome reputation. That had to do with a certain Sportster Mel had outfitted with every chrome accessory that Harley Davidson had to offer. Depending on which way the sun reflected off it, that bike could blind you to look at. Mel became known as the Chrome Cowboy, a name yours truly had a bit to do with. Willie G. Davidson himself once autographed his seat (the one on the bike -- not Mel's posterior gluteous minimus). As for his sex life? No one knows for sure, but let's just say he took a different path in life than Tebow. Remember when Wilt Chamberlain once boasted of having had his way with over 20,000 women? In Mel's world, that's just a rookie.

In Florida, Tebow once had some mighty fine years as a Gator. Alas, he used up his eligibility and it had to come to an end.

Also in Florida, Mel once had some mighty fine years with a guy that went by the name of Gator. They were best buds. That particular Gator rode a trike with an alligator head prominently mounted on it, likely hence the nickname. Sadly, for various reasons that relationship came to an end as well. But maybe it was in the cards. After all, why would a cowboy want to hang out with a gator?

Tebow just recently got cut from the NY Jets. He's now a free agent. Maybe he'll catch on with another team -- and maybe he won't. Hard to say. Tebow has a unique skill set so it would have to be just the right team with the right needs. There's certainly nothing holding him in New York these days.

Conversely, while happily in Florida, and also very much a free agent, Mel keeps getting his butt dragged back to the Big Apple to appear in court. This has to do with a property settlement dispute that has been going on since about the time Tebow was just getting started with the Florida Gators. Evidently, there are some very strange things besides Michael Bloomberg going on in that town. Perhaps Mel will hook up with another woman as well. Provided she has the right skill set herself, of course.

And then there's yet another Mel, but it's a girl. She used to go by the name 'Bama, though I know not why. She married a guy named Tarzan, though I'm almost positive he hasn't swung from vines, or let out any jungle war whoops in at least the last couple years. These are both friends of the original Mel and myself.

If you think Tim Tebow's world is complicated, try hanging out with the Chrome Cowboy for a few years.

Or maybe Tebow has. That might explain why he prays so much.

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  1. I'm sure T.T will go on to be a great football player. C.C. will go on chroming every motorcycle he gets.Tarzan has become a real estate magnate. Gator has just been a big pain in the butt..J.L. writes his magical ditties on sports..(He is the best)...Luv C.C..