Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Johnny Manziel and the media farce

Evidently the media, bless their prying little hearts, wanted Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel to clear the air regarding a few issues in Johnny Football's life of late. It appears they thought he had some 'splainin to do. So Manziel agreed to "meet the press" and hopefully get everything ironed out.

Little did he know that over 1200 vultures would show up and attempt to pick his bones clean. 1200? Really? For a mere soon-to-be sophomore college QB? Wow, he must have done something outrageous. Here's a point-by-point look at his so-called crimes against humanity and what yours truly thinks of each.

They wanted to know why Manziel had recently departed early from the Manning football camp. He'd missed meetings and, in the end, basically not lived up to his commitment.

(First of all, there was no commitment. It's not like Manziel deserted from the Marines during a tour of duty, or was otherwise contractually bound to remain there. He can come and go as he damn well pleases. BTW, it didn't seem to bother the Mannings that much. They said they'd invite him back again next year.)

The lead talking head asked Manziel if he might have been partying/drinking/ the night before. He might as well have asked if Johnny "got lucky". Wisely, Manziel didn't take that bait and merely replied that he had overslept.

(True or not, short of showing up on the police blotter, what Manziel did the night before is nobody's business. Not mine. Not yours. Not anybody's. For all we know, that same reporter asking the questions might have been stewed to the gills and stuffing dollar bills into G-strings the night before.)

Months ago, Manziel sent out a negative tweet about A&M.

(So what? He's got a right to do so. Though our rights seem to be falling like dominoes these days, it is hoped that "freedom of speech" hasn't been totally thrown under the bus just yet. And I don't want to hear about loyalty to the university that's providing him with a free education. A&M has garnered publicity beyond their wildest dreams and likely raked in countless millions they never would have had if Manziel hadn't chosen THEM. Besides, it was only a silly tweet. In my opinion, anybody that places too much faith in the whimsical, spur-of-the-moment, cyber thoughts of others -- is in serious need of a life.)

Johnny was seen in a courtside seat at an NBA Finals game. This looked bad.

(Well, good gawd a-mighty, a navy SEAL team should have swooped in, thrown him in the back of an unmarked chopper, and flown him to Gitmo to be water-boarded for such an atrocity. Nevermind his parents had the means to purchase their son such a great seat. Even the zealots of the NCAA "infraction committee" would be hard-pressed to find a violation in mom and dad giving their kid a ticket to a game.)

Ah, but Manziel pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge involving a bar fight back in 2012. The way it was presented by the media would lead many to believe Johnny must have "gooned it up" at a pub in a drunken rage. Do you smell "plea bargain" and preferential treatment?

(Turns out, Manziel's only apparent crime was not telling a cop what his name was when they arrived to break up the alleged altercation. They didn't suggest that Manziel was even involved in whatever may have occurred. He was just there, and refused to talk to a cop. So since when did this become illegal? Don't we still have the right to remain silent, or has that gone out the window too?)

In the end, the media (all 1200+ of them) huffed and puffed, asked leading questions, threw out innuendos, and any other trick they could think of while desperately -- DESPERATELY -- looking for something --ANYTHING--  they could get their meathooks in and run with.

But you know what? Johnny Football wouldn't give it to them, perhaps there was nothing much to give in the first place. Imagine that. True to form, the vultures were in spin mode trying to save face after their press debacle -- still looking for an edible crumb here or there. But they'll likely move on soon to the next target they see as vulnerable. Such is the nature of the beasts.

As for Johnny Manziel? He's the reigning Heisman trophy winner. He showed superb running and passing skills last season to garner that award.

But most impressive of all was the way he handled all those reporters. And he's only 20 years old.

Give him a few years in the NFL to rack up further name recognition and, if he keeps his nose semi-clean while limiting where his junk wanders -- this guy could have unlimited possibilities as a politician.

President Manziel. It sort of has a nice ring to it -- ya know? And hey, having ears that make him look like a VW beetle with the doors open certainly didn't hold back the guy that currently occupies the Oval Office. Just a different paint job.

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