Sunday, July 14, 2013

The US Senior Open (and more dumb commercials)

Wow. Turns out, some of those old coots on the geezer tour can still play some serious golf. Seeing as how yours truly is older than several of them, I think I can get away with such a crack.

And what a show they put on during the final round. The eventual champion, Kenny Perry, was 10 shots out of the lead a couple days ago, only to wind up winning the tournament by 5 strokes. A 15 shot swing? Now THAT'S called blistering the field over the weekend. Perry carded a 30 on the front nine. I've shot higher than that at putt-putt courses. And this wasn't your run-of-the-mill municipal or county course either. It was a US Open set-up -- difficult to say the least. Granted, it likely wasn't as tough as "regular" US Open courses, but still -- 500 yard par 4s? A par 5 that was over 600 yards? Golfers hitting their approach shots into greens that at times were 5-6 stories higher (or lower) than where they stood? Not exactly a piece of cake.

[And now a commercial break. An insurance company sang their tag line once again. "We are farmers". Well gee, that's great. I'll give them a call if I'm ever in the market for a few bushels of corn or a truckload of sugar beets. But what, pray tell, does being farmers have to do with insurance?]

At one point, Perry rattled off 4 birdies in a row. Not to be outdone, Corey Pavin reeled off 5 in a row to equal the all-time record of consecutive birdies at a US Open. But Perry wouldn't wilt. He was just too good and wound up posting a final round 65, to follow up his blistering 63 the day before. The dude's almost 53 years old and he's still averaging 300 yards off the tee, finessing his irons, and can putt as true as ever? That's impressive stuff.

[Another insurance commercial I've never understood. If I'm going to cough up a couple grand every year in insurance premiums, then they have to do better than just giving me "a piece of the rock". Merely a PIECE of an unknown rock? That's nowhere near good enough. For what I've shelled out over the years, I ought to have my likeness carved on Mt. Rushmore by now. And who cares about rocks anyway? If something bad happens, I want quick service and a check to cover it. What is it with these people?]

Nevertheless, hats off to Kenny Perry, a worthy 2013 US Senior Open champion, which also marks him capturing his second major of the year. Despite his rather unorthodox swing, somehow he just makes it work, and good for him.

[And now I'm outta here, before I see that duck, lizard, or goofy girl selling insurance policies out of shoeboxes at a sanitarium again.]

Idle parting thought: In a recent Sports Illustrated article, Dennis Rodman said that out of the Top 10 most recognizable people in the world -- he'd check in at #5. According to the Worm, only God, Jesus, Muhammed Ali and Barack Obama would be ahead of him. Yet kudos to the SI scribe (Franz Lidz) for noting that the Top 4 probably wouldn't show up in Times Square wearing a bra and sporting a blond mohawk either. Touche.

The scary part? Rodman just might be right. Is this a great planet or what?

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