Monday, March 3, 2014

The Oscars

So they finally got rain in California after a long drought. That's probably a good thing. But it was so much water that even the sacred red carpet of the Oscars got wet. Holy 40 days and 40 nights, Batman. We must insure no moisture is allowed to terrorize the bottoms of yon glitterati's $10,000 pairs of shoes and heels while accepting their awards.

Only in America can people make countless millions saying lines written by someone else, have stunt doubles take their place in the most interesting action-packed scenes, then host the fanciest ball of them all --  while trophies that look like they're in the advanced stages of Lou Gehrig's disease are handed out for many categories the average person never even heard of. They are the few. They are the proud. They are the pompous egomaniacs. And the masses continue to eat it up year after year. Amazing. Is this a great country or what? I would submit George C. Scott had it right when he refused to even attend, much less accept some award as best actor the "Academy" wanted to give him for portraying Patton in the movie. Scott said he saw no reason to be honored for merely doing his job. True to his word, Scott didn't show, but they awarded it to him anyway. Where that particular "statuette", somewhat of a pompous name in itself, resides today, is anybody's guess. But thank God for the occasional down-to-earth person that doesn't think he/she is above it all just because they happen to become famous. Thank you George. May you rest in peace with the eternal gratitude of yours truly. Though I still think you were even more magnificent in Dr. Strangelove with the late Peter Sellers. That was comedic genius at its finest.

Nobody knows for sure how the Hollywood "Oscar" came by it's name. Hmmm. Oscar Mayer has certainly become famous for his hot dogs over the years. Was he around way back when this whole thing started? That might explain it.

Nevertheless, another much more important Oscar is about to take center stage. Not in Hollywood, but in South Africa. That would be Oscar Pistorius. Remember him? He was the guy that made big news running on prosthetic legs during the last Summer Olympics competing in intermediate track events. No, he didn't medal, but he certainly became a hero, not only in his own country but, the world over.

Alas, a short time later, a tragedy would occur. Pistorius, evidently fearing for his life, fatally shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp through a bathroom door, mistaking her for a hostile intruder meaning them harm. That's his story.

The prosecutor thinks Oscar knew full well who was behind that door and committed murder for reasons yet to be explained. That's his theory.

Either way, after over a year of legal wrangling and prodedural give and take -- the trial starts today.

It will likely roar into the news world-wide. Some Oscars are more important than others.

Even Blade Runners.

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