Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weird stuff on the Internet

At times stuff that pops up on the Net sometimes is somewhere between making one want to say, "shut up, stupid" or "damn right". Here's a few examples:

Judge Judy has recently filed a lawsuit because some dude dared to use clips of her show to promote his own business. She finds it offensive. Nevermind the shrewish pseudo-judge has made millions by being highly insulting to everyone who's appeared in her TV kangaroo courtroom over the years -- she just won't tolerate this. Three words to Judith. Shut up, stupid.

Kobe Bryant is front and center speaking his own pseudo wisdom about the woeful plight of the last place LA Lakers. Kobe's been shut down for yet another season due to yet another leg injury (while making a whopping $24 million), but somehow the self-professed Black Mamba seems to think he's turned into Confucius. Kobe say this. Kobe say that. Kobe solve problem. Kobe need same three words as Judy. Shut up, stupid.

Some reporter got whacked in the head by a woman swinging her purse. Hey, when a person says they don't want to talk to a reporter, but the newshounds persist on dogging their target with incessant questions, while sticking a microphone in their face with a cameraperson filming everything a few feet away -- and they've already been told to back off -- then they deserve to get whacked. Damn right.

A lady in a New York restaurant found a lizard head in her salad. That's scary. What could possibly be worse than that? Donald Trump's head popping up through the lettuce and talking to her. That would be downright terrifying. Damn right. Then again, one could have the pleasure of telling the Donald what so many have likely wanted to say for years..... Yep, you got it. Shut up, stupid.

Alas. Amy and Matt Roloff have separated after 26 years. Just one question. Who the hell are Amy and Matt Roloff and why should anybody care? Thousands of couples split up every week. Wake me up if Michelle kicks Barack to the curb in front of the White House, which seems to be a bit of a misnomer itself in recent years. To the person that put this on the Net as supposedly big news -- shut up, stupid.

A cop gave a 2-year old girl in her toy car a $4 dollar ticket for improperly operating her vehicle. Yes, the ticket was real. The cops think it's funny, but besides the story being beamed world-wide, that little girl's name just went into various law enforcement databases. Damn right, or shut up stupid don't apply. That's not funny -- it's outrageous.

Kind of like this article, but I couldn't think of anything else. And yeah -- I'm pretty sure I know what you're thinking about me right now.

Shut up, stupid.

Well OK, then. I get it.

Damn right.

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  1. I read about the poor kid being ticketed. The ticket was actually fake. It's still a poor publicity stunt.