Monday, October 13, 2014

Dallas Cowboys and DeMarco Murray

Don't look now, but dem Cowboys be back. The Big D-sters have been taking care of bidnuh lately. This is somewhat reminiscent of the Cowboy teams back in the 90s that won Super Bowls.

You remember them. They were "America's team", or so quothed their ever-lovable owner Jerry Jones. Actually, coast to coast, they were likely far more despised than loved but, hey, three Super Bowl championships in 4 years was impressive by any standards.

Plus they had their famous cheerleaders gyrating around showing off their pom-poms -- and those things they shook in their hands added a little spice as well.

Before Jones built his current mega-palace, even their old venue was unique. It was almost enclosed, like a dome, but not quite. There was a small opening in the center. Supposedly, this was so even God could watch his beloved "boys". Make of that what you will.

Nevertheless, the Cowboys currently stand at 5-1, the best record in the NFL. After losing their opener to the 49ers, they've reeled off 5 wins in a row. OK, they didn't exactly face the toughest competition through the first 4 wins, but going up to Seattle and beating the defending Super Bowl champs in their own house a couple days ago speaks volumes. Dese boys got sumpin going on.

A lot of it has to do with running back DeMarco Murray. Though mostly flying under the radar so far, the dude's been running wild. In the first six games this year, he became only the second running back in NFL history to rush for over 100 yards in all of them. The other was a guy named Jim Brown, way back in 1958. Pretty lofty company.

It's strange that Murray was only a third round draft pick out of Oklahoma in 2011. After all, he put up some very gawdy stats as a Sooner, including several school records. Most touchdowns, most all-purpose yards (rushing, receiving, returning kicks). And I dare say a lot of pretty fair running backs, including a guy named Adrian Peterson, have passed through Okla over the years. But for whatever reasons, Murray did not and, apparently, still hasn't achieved "star" status. This, despite leading the league in rushing (and it's not even close) over the first 6 games, and actually being on a pace to break Eric Dickerson's all-time single season record. Sure, it's only six games, and there's ten more to go. And some of them will be tough. Particularly against the resurgent Philadelphia Eagles, which they have to face twice. But a few are against "lesser" competition where Murray could run wild against porous defenses. We'll see. Assuming he even stays healthy -- never a given for a running back.

Yet two things jump into the foggy mind of yours truly.

First, Murray signed a typical 3rd round draft choice rookie contract back in 2011 that ran for four years. Besides a signing bonus, overall it paid about $3 million. Do the math. This is a "contract" year for Murray, and he's leading the league in rushing. Unless something goes horribly wrong from now until January, maybe even (gasp) February, DeMarco is in line for a whopper raise in his next contract.

Second, Da Boys themselves. Ah reckon the good folk down in Big D are plum tickled with thar team this here year so far. And well they rootin-tootin ought to be. 5-1 sure beats the heck out of a brahma bull kick to the nether regions.

Yet as a lone voice in the wilderness, I merely cry out for one thing.

Even if the Cowboys and DeMarco keep it going, here's hoping they don't go back to thinking they're America's team. Like any other team from any other city, there will always be more fans across the country that dislike them more than they like them. So please no more of that nonsense.

But credit where credit is due. The Texas-sized TV screen overhead in the stadium for the fans was a nice touch.

And by all means, keep the cheerleaders, even if they're clueless as to what's going on in a game.

Something about those pom-poms.......

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