Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Recent outrageous bytes

As the saying goes, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on your insurance. Everybody knows that.

Just one problem. Yours truly has been looking for 15 MONTHs for one of their offices to talk things over in person, but still can't find one. Evidently, the Tasmanian devil doesn't even HAVE a phone and Icky Woods isn't returning my calls -- even though I offered to throw in cold cuts. So what's a guy to do? Guess I'm stuck with my old insurance company of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe for a while longer. Maybe not the most reputable, but at least I know where to find them.

The World Series is getting interesting. KC roared back to tie it at one game apiece. But some silly things were said in the "booth". Maybe this is what happens when you combine an announcer (Joe Buck) and a sports scribe (Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated) with a washed-up baseball player (Harold Reynolds). Joe likely wouldn't be there at all if it wasn't for his daddy Jack, and methinks Tom would be better served keeping his day job writing an occasional Michener-esque sports piece for SI. And Harold? What's he supposed to be? The comic relief?

Got a yuk out of a couple of their comments, though. Over and over again, one would breathlessly say the current batter "took a big rip at that one" as he whiffed on his swing. Tell ya what. I could take a big rip, you could take a big rip, heck, your average Supreme Court justice could take a big rip. We likely wouldn't hit anything but air either. So what's the big deal about swinging a bat?

After it became apparent the series would be knotted up 1-all, one of them ventured to say it could be a long series. Really. Unless one of the teams decides to forfeit in the next few days -- I'd say chances are very good it's going to go at least 5 games. Barring a sweep by either in San Fran for the next 3 games (not likely), throw in the travel days, and presto, we'll likely have World Series baseball into next week. This is a good thing.

Either way, this Sunday should be quite the couch tater extravaganza. The NFL will feature its typical triple-header, the NASCAR boys (and that pesky Danica) will be at the short track in Martinsville, and Game 5 of the World Series will be on. Happy clicking.

Can that be right? Some sellers (scalpers) were asking over 10 grand a pop for seats close to the visiting dugout in KC? Wow. Did they get it? Dunno, but I didn't see any empty seats.

If you think that's bad -- consider San Fran. Rumors have it some seats are on the market for over a whopping $100,000 apiece. Will they get it? Beats me. I know the price of real estate in San Fran has been exorbitant for some time -- but if true -- this is ridiculous. A hundred grand to watch a single baseball game? Double it if you want to take your significant other? And how much are the hot dogs? $500? $1000?  Get outta here. Maybe that's why God throws them an earthquake every once in a while -- to jolt them back into reality.

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