Tuesday, October 28, 2014

KC/SanFran and a weird poll

Normally, yours truly writes his nonsense in the spooky hours of the night. Always best to be inside with the lights on when the vampires are looking for their next victims, werewolves are running amok, and the politicians are on the campaign trail. In their scariest portrayals, the likes of Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi had nothing on the politicos in the weeks leading up to an election. And somehow I draw comfort in knowing that the howling at the moon heard far off in the distance might well be my ex. Off in the distance is a good thing sometimes.

Yet it was necessary to write this post at an earlier hour than usual. That's because Game 6 of the World Series hasn't started yet, hence I have no idea who's going to win it.

Let's look at what we already know about the 2014 Fall Classic. Obviously, San Fran leads KC 3 games to 2. Though some of the scores of previous games have been lopsided, both ways, it could fairly be said the two teams are pretty much equal. Either can win on any given night.

In the first two games, the teams split in KC. In SF, the Giants won 2 out of 3. Now game 6, and possibly game 7, will be played in KC. Back and forth they go.

Which brings me to the poll. The usual gang of geniuses on the 4-letter sports network took an on-line poll of all 50 states as to which team people thought would eventually become world champions.

Sure, the Giants only have to win one out of two, while the Royals have to win both. Advantage Giants. But KC is playing at home, so slight advantage Royals. Still, given the teams seem evenly matched, simple logic (and odds) would dictate San Fran has a much better shot of winning it all.

But amazingly, the poll came back 49 states to one. A landslide. In favor of KC. Only the folks in California, which I'm pretty sure is where San Fran is located, thought the Giants would prevail.

Here's hoping KC prevails tonight. Nothing like a Game 7 in the World Series for all the marbles. Given it's definitely the last one, that's the only game of the year where fans get to see all the usual rules of baseball thrown out the window. All hands on deck. Starting pitchers will be in the bullpen, and could be summoned for an inning of relief duty on "short rest". Who cares if their arms are sore the next day? They'll have all winter to rest up.

The poll aside, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Uh-oh, gotta go. Game 6 has started. No fair peeking only to write about it later.

Then again, I peeked outside. It's now dark with a clear sky, but not a full moon. Only a crescent.

Maybe there will be no howling heard off in the distance later. Bless her heart.

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