Tuesday, October 7, 2014

KC Royals. An ultimate class act

After somewhat improbably sweeping the LA Angels in the American League Division Series, the KC Royals did something unheard of before -- and it's got to rank up there with the classiest acts of all time in sports.

Remember, the first two games were played in Anaheim. KC clinched on it's home turf in Game 3.

Also consider that these days, most notable pro athletes are very involved in social media. Particularly Twitter. They send out their tweets, and their throngs of tweetettes hang on their every word. Why the average John or Jane Schmuck fan would care what a star shortstop, power forward, or quarterback has to eat for breakfast has always been a mystery to yours truly -- but there are legions of those that are fascinated by being privy to such news. And the athletes certainly oblige them. Oftentimes millions have signed up waiting to hear the latest, regardless of how trivial it may be, from their sports heroes. And that's fine. To each their own.

But after the KC Royals completed their sweep of the Angels at the only game they had at home -- their players did something truly extraordinary.

After they were done partying in the clubhouse/locker room, showered up, and dressed in civvies, of course they were going to party further at a couple of their favorite watering holes around town.

But instead of this being the usual private affair with players, wives, girlfriends, and a few close friends only, they decided to invite the fans. Several KC Royals send out tweets letting the fans know exactly where they were going. Further yet, the players would pick up the tab for all who showed up to party with them.

And THAT is the coolest thing yours truly has ever heard of regarding professional athletes truly showing appreciation for their fans.

Whether or not the Royals can knock off Baltimore in the American League Championship Series remains to be seen. But no matter what the Orioles do, they'll never out-cool the Royals for what they just did.

The ultimate class act of giving back to the fans -- up close and personal.


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