Friday, October 24, 2014

People who need to shut up

Peyton Manning, QB of the Denver Broncos, needs to shut up. No, this has nothing to do with his making moronic commercials to pad his already super-stuffed bank account. The mute button on the remote solves that problem every time.

Old #18 is upset due to, of all things, the Denver scoreboard operator. During the recent game against the San Diego Chargers, the operator dared flash signs calling for the crowd to make some noise. Problem was, Peyton and his offense had the ball at the time. A home crowd is supposed to be quiet, QUIET, when their offense has the ball. Even the Almighty Peyton was flapping his arms -- nothing new there -- trying to get the fanatics in attendance to pipe down. The bigger problem? Denver was already comfortably ahead by two touchdowns and time was winding down in the game.

Yes, the elder Manning recently passed Brett Favre on the all-time passing touchdown list, to no one's great surprise. Play long enough, whether at Indy or Denver, behind offensive lines that gave him "all day" to throw, and complement that with a bevy of super-talented wide receivers to throw TO, and presto, a lot of passing touchdowns are going to happen. But all the accolades that came with Peyton ascending to #1 evidently weren't enough. He wanted more. And how dare a scoreboard operator not do things exactly according to the wishes of Peyton, the self-appointed God of all things football in Denver? Worse yet, the same scoreboard operator had the utter gall to show a picture of Chargers' QB Philip Rivers. Needless to say, Zeus Peyton was not happy with this.

Therefore, old chicken-neck has vowed to "have a word" with that scoreboard operator. And you know what? If I was that scoreboard operator -- here is what I would say...... 

Your point is noted Peyton, but running the scoreboard and all the other ever-changing lights, signs, and ads around the stadium is quite a handful. So why don't you stick to yelling "Omaha", doing your happy feet dance, and throwing the football? Lord knows, you could never run. I'll stick to putting what I think is pertinent up on the big screen, juggling the myriad of advertisers around the stadium, and trying to push the buttons fast enough to keep everybody happy. I have no place to run either. I'm stuck in a mini-studio with more screens and gadgets around me than you could ever imagine. I can't do your job and you can't do mine. So shut up.

On another note, it's getting absolutely stupid how much attention is being paid to a guy wearing a Marlin's jersey that has showed up sitting in the front row behind home plate both in KC and San Fran for World Series' games.

"Officials" in KC deemed it so "distracting" they even offered the guy a seat in the owners' suite. He declined, and why not? Sitting in the front row behind home plate is one of the best seats in the house. Going up to billionaire land might offer the lap of luxury (free beer, hot dogs, and ice cream?)  but it's also a lot further away from the actual action on the field. Besides, this dude paid big bucks for those seats.

A Marlin's jersey is distracting? Shut up. Last time I looked the Florida Marlins still played somewhere around Miami. How can this possibly be offensive to people in KC or San Fran?

For that matter, if he ponied up likely 5 figures worth of dough per game to get those seats -- he should be able to wear whatever he wants. Though some college and pro teams run promotions handing out free teeshirts so the crowd can be a solid mass of one color -- it's not like it's mandatory. One can wear an old rock concert souvenir, a Harley shirt, or even one featuring a pic of my boss, the sports editor, perhaps even Bieber -- though the latter two are definitely not recommended unless one is quite proficient in martial arts. It can be tough getting out of a stadium or arena wearing a shirt like that.

The guy at the World Series games doesn't have to wear home-town colors in either city That would only prove he's another in a long line of lemmings that have been cha-chinged. By wearing Marlins gear, he's showing he's an independent thinker. He should be applauded -- not ridiculed. Who are the fools indeed? These people need to seriously shut up.

Look at it this way. The man's obviously a baseball fan with the means to travel and purchase first-rate seats at prime games. If he wants to sit behind home plate where the TV cameras will show him in the background on every pitch -- then he has every right to do so.

And he can wear whatever he wishes. Personally, I wouldn't care if he was wearing the black of ISIS.

In the end, it's just a shirt, and who cares as long as the person wearing it follows fan protocol at games, which the Marlins Man has obviously done?

Too many yappy heads looking for something to complain about when the least little thing doesn't fit into their small worlds.

They need to shut up.

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