Saturday, October 17, 2015

Baseball playoffs

The Toronto Blue Jays are in trouble. Yes, they lost the first two games at home in the ALDS to Texas and came roaring back to win the next 3 to move on.

But Kansas City is a different animal. Remember, last year the Royals (even as a wild-card finishing only one game behind Detroit in the AL Central) went on to Game 7 of the World Series before finally bowing to the SF Giants. They've been there -- done that. While the Tigers crashed and burned their way into the basement in 2015, the Royals got even better. These guys are the real deal.

After falling behind 2-zip again to the Royals, can the Blue Jays come back and win four out of five to advance? Possible, but that's a mighty tall order. Especially when the Royals lit up former Tiger/now Blue Jay ace pitcher David Price in Game 2. Price is a serious Cy Young candidate and a terrific pitcher indeed. It was unusual to see him get rocked, but the Royals hit him with little problem.

Thing is, even with the travel days, assuming the series lasts that long, Price is likely only to get one more start in the ALCS. At that, win or lose, Price will still be a free agent when this year is over. His future price tag will likely be enormous. Will the Blue Jays be able to keep him? Will they want to take the financial hit to do so? Unknown, but that's getting ahead of the matter at hand.

Toronto better hope they win the next two, because if KC puts up another W in either, and has three games to win one, I know who my money would be on. While many pundits predicted the Blue Jays would slug their way to winning the series, it was interesting Pete Rose said KC in five. Wonder if Charlie Hustle placed a small wager on just that? Hmmm.

On the flip side, the Mets knocked off the Cubs in Game 1. This series was a total toss up going in. The Cubs supposedly had the better hitters, while the Mets had superior pitching. But the Mets have a bunch of guys that can pound the ball, and the Cubbies feature some pretty decent pitching themselves. Besides, who outside of the NY area is rooting against the Cubs? It's likely ninety-nine percent of baseball fans elsewhere have Joe Maddon's boys as a sentimental favorite. A hundred and seven years since they last won a World Series, and over 50 since they even got there? To root against the Cubs would be like rooting against Snow White, Bambi, Santa Claus, or maybe even Alfred E. Neuman. You'd have to be "mad" indeed to take such a stance.

Sure, anything can happen and probably will. We'll see how it all turns out in the next several days -- in both series'.

But in a perfect world, give me the Royals and Cubbies in the World Series. Canada's got hockey and curling to keep sports fans busy. They don't need the Blue Jays nearly as much as KC needs the Royals. I mean, what else is happening in Kansas City? The Chiefs of the NFL are bombing out again and they don't even have a basketball or hockey team.

NYC has all kinds of stuff happening 24 hours a day. They don't need another World Series champ. Yes, Chitown has seen it's share of glory (Blackhawks - Bulls) in recent decades regarding championships, but never the Cubs.

They're the major league version of the Detroit Lions, with a couple notable differences. The Cubs have also historically been losers, but always remained lovable to the masses -- and nobody makes them the punch line of jokes.

C'mon boys, you can do it and slay the evil dragon from the Big Apple. Just win 4 out of the next 6. After all, you had a much better record all year long.

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