Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lamar Odom. Sad or comical?

Alas, the former LA Lakers star, and I use that word loosely, is fighting for his life in a Las Vegas hospital. This isn't supposed to happen to a guy that was in tip-top shape not long ago and hasn't even turned 36 yet.

Poor Lamar was found unresponsive at a "chicken ranch" outside of Vegas. Apparently, he had spent several days there. Early reports suggest dear Lamar had been using cocaine and eating "sexual enhancement" pills like popcorn. No word yet on how much dough it cost him, but it's probably a safe bet the lovely ladies of the evening weren't giving him any freebies.

Contrary to much public opinion, prostitution is technically against the law in Las Vegas, and the entire Clark County of Nevada it resides in. But a lot of it goes on, particularly in the casinos late at night. The cops and, more importantly, the pit bosses tolerate the pimps and their girls as long as they don't interfere with the wagering clientele. But if some gamer wants to "get lucky" and has a couple C notes to spare, the action is readily available. Nobody cares. As they say, what happens in Vegas -- stays in Vegas. Business as usual, with a wink and a nod.

But to be totally above board, one must take an hour's drive out of Vegas and Clark County way up into the mountains to a town called Pahrump. Home of the chicken ranches, and where Lamar Odom decided to spend a few days.

If true, one can only imagine what toll the combination of cocaine, a heavy diet of boner pills, and lovely ladies willing to do all manner of sexual "favors" 24 hours a day might take on the average red-blooded American he-man. It appears they damn near killed poor Lamar Odom. But hey, if you gotta go, such a scenario surely beats the heck out of, say, a gas leak blowing up your house with you in it, a stray bullet in a drive-by shooting hitting you in the head, or having a really bad attorney in divorce court. Why not go out in a blaze of testosterone glory?

Or maybe this is what happens after some poor devil marries into the Kardashian family, and is subsequently -- surprise -- dumped. It would be enough to make any man go off the deep end. Hanging out with the in-laws would stretch the emotional limits of any mortal man, but the ultimate dis of getting kicked to the curb by a no-talent yahoo might well have been poor Lamar's breaking point.

So he went to Pahrump. Party, party, party. Snort, snort, snort. Pill, pill, pill, and bang, bang, bang. It's unclear why Odom would need enhancement pills at his young age, but maybe his ex Khloe had something to do with it. Was she that bad in the sack to ruin Odom's natural libido? Unknown.

What I do know is the hookers in and around Las Vegas feature some mighty beautiful women. I've never partaken of such pleasures of the flesh when there, but I've never been a Los Angeles Laker or married to a Kardashian either. I suppose both could have taken their toll in recent years. Losers, and more losers.

For those so inclined, even the Holy Bible has long weighed in on such a subject. The Apostle Paul wrote in his Epistle to the Galatians, Chapter 6 --  whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap..... for he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption.

Sounds like Lamar has been doing a whole lot of sowing of late, and perhaps he has reaped his just reward.

Here's wishing Odom all the best and a quick recovery, but excuse me if I find it a bit comical as well.

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