Thursday, October 29, 2015

The perfect sports week

It's not too often things come together in a perfect way for your average half-crazed sports zealot. But this was/is one on those weeks. Consider the schedule -- and more than one type of cuisine.


Monday Night Football of course. Meateater's pizza delivered.


World Series Game 1. Girlfriend brings over a heaping plate of mostaccioli on her way to work. Oh yeah, I know what to do with that.


The GF's out of state sister has popped in to stay with her for a few days. KFC and WS Game 2. Plus the leftover tube pasta. It was a big plate.


Take significant other out to dinner and drinks. What goes around comes around. Invite her sister to come along for extra brownie points. One can never have enough of those. Get home in time to watch Thursday Night Football.


The significant other is working a fish fry until late. Stop in, have a couple beers, get fish/chips/cole slaw take-out and tune into Game 3.


A full slate of college football. Grub to be determined. Maybe Arby's. It's been a while. Bring on the beef and cheddar and those potato cakes are great. The girls will likely be off doing whatever sisters do, so best to stay out of their way. Also Game 4.


Go to the office, sometimes known as the local watering hole, for NFL action. Mercifully, the Detroit Lions' game in London will already have concluded by the time I get there. Perhaps some good games will be on. No worries on food. They always have a whole pool table of various stuff as a free halftime smorgasbord. My kind of place. The GF comes on duty at six as the bartender. Go home and get ready for the late game. Green Bay at Denver should be a dandy. Cook something along the way that will result in major leftovers. Always good to have a fall-back plan. One never knows what the food gods may do next. They giveth and they taketh away (as do girlfriends, ahem). And even a clown like me knows how to use the microwave. When that game is over -- take a nap. The sister is due to leave town sometime on Sunday, and the better half just might pop in after closing -- with hormones raging. That would have been a while as well. And we're not talking Arby's in the world of fine cuisine anymore. Best to be prepared. If that happens -- try to live through it, else those leftovers would become a moot point. But if you gotta go -- then what better way?

Ah yes. It will have been a mighty fine week indeed for your average sports junkie.


  1. Good to read 'significant' other and sports is still a `Job Do`

    1. Yep. As they say, both can be tough jobs at times -- but somebody's gotta do it. JK. Thanks for commenting.