Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!

If you're an NFL fan, may the teams of your choice prevail in the Thanksgiving triple-header.

Major League Baseball is in the off-season, but every team will crow about the trades and/or free agent signings they make. Everybody's always a winner. Right. We'll see how that works out next year.

The NHL and NBA have been underway for a month or so, but only their hard cores are paying attention. All-around fans don't take pucks and hoop seriously until after the Super Bowl is over. There has long been only one gorilla in the sports room.

Congrats to Kyle Busch on coming back from serious injury to win the NASCAR title. Still don't like the guy, never did, but he earned it.

There's a probably a golf and tennis tournament going on somewhere every week, but does anybody really care? Wake me up when the linksters show up at the Masters and I'll program the DVD to record the live action at the Australian Open. Maybe.

College football is reaching it's regular season climax. Lots of things can happen in the next couple weeks. Teams in and teams out of the national championship chase. And of course, 60 or 70 others will be going to a bowl game somewhere. These days a team has to be flat out terrible NOT to make it into a bowl game. That will commence in a few weeks.

Idle thought: If Santa brought as many presents to the precious little darlings as the NCAA and TV people foist off B games on the viewing public during the holiday season, maybe a whole generation of kids would grow up to be (sorry Walt) the imagineers of tomorrow, instead of the mindless droids of recent times. One can hope.

Nevertheless, here's wishing a happy Thanksgiving to all. May you be amongst family and friends while enjoying a feast. Stuffing. Taters and gravy. Bread, muffins, ham roll-ups, and green bean casserole or other veggies. A variety of salads and desserts. The works.

These are great days every year for people to get together and chow down. If you back it up a couple weeks, the turkey population likely wasn't enjoying it so much. They experienced the usual annual gobbler Holocaust.

But right or wrong, that's just sort of the way it works these days. Men will watch the football games, belch here and fart there before they nod off, while the women will be talking a language in another room the men wouldn't understand anyway. Something about gossip and what sort of trash they were suckered into marrying in the first place. They've given the best years of their lives to those heathens in the other room. Look at them. They're pigs.

All of which usually boils down to two things. The boys haven't been taking care of bedroom business lately, but the girls will surely be out amongst the throngs tomorrow -- Black Friday -- buying all sorts of goodies that are supposedly on sale -- but really not if one looks closer.

And it's just another year......

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