Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jim Caldwell. Say what?

"Hypocrite" is a strong word. "Ignorant" even stronger. And then there's "moron". They're out there -- lots of them.

But it's tough to define Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell. He's all over the place.

Has he been to Super Bowls? Yep, but only as a lieutenant under another head coach. When given the reins of command himself, he typically crashes and burns in his second year. After enjoying a semi-successful rookie campain with the Lions in 2014 -- but still no playoff win -- the team has come apart at the seams this year in every phase of the game. Their 1-7 record is absolutely indicative of how bad they are. And it will likely be 1-8 after a trip to Lambeau to face the Packers following a merciful bye week. When they're not playing, at least they can't lose.

Media comments on Caldwell have generally been positive. One scribe said he basically always has the same stoic expression. "Stoic" is one way of putting it. "Vacant stare" would be another. "Dumb look" yet a third.

Most local accounts have tried to prop up Caldwell in the face of adversity. He's a nice guy and an all around upstanding good man, they say. He once even coached Peyton Manning -- for whatever that's worth. Yeah? Since when has it been considered a resume builder for an assistant coach that never played the game to have a future Hall of Famer on the team? Who was teaching who what?

Though it's politically incorrect to say so, Caldwell has likely been given a longer leash because he's a "minority" coach. But there will likely come a time, perhaps soon, when his number is up in Detroit as well. Under his leadership, there can be no question the Lions have turned into a train wreck. As mentioned above, this was entirely predictable. Nice guy or not, some people are cut out to be leaders while others "max out" their abilities as assistants. Caldwell's record speaks for itself. He's loyal, takes orders well, and occasionally comes up with a good idea. But you do not, repeat DO NOT want to put somebody like Caldwell in overall charge of the battle plans unless you don't care about losing the war. Like wars, the NFL is a brutal expensive business and winning is the only thing that matters. It's not going to happen with Caldwell as the general. He's WAY over his head.

Yet between Caldwell and some of his players, a few interesting comments have surfaced of late. Coach Caldwell doesn't let all the outside "noise" bother him, quoth one Calvin Johnson. He remains the same. Is being the "same" a good or bad thing when his team has become a laughing stock? When all is in flames around him, shouldn't there come a time to kick butt and take names as a head coach? Hey, stoic and vacant stares haven't been getting it. Neither is firing a few coaches he hired to deflect blame from himself.

In an incredibly obtuse statement, Caldwell even had the nerve to call out the local media. You know, the same folks that have been looking really hard for ways to compliment him. He was the pseudo "savior" last year (which was a cruel mirage) and now he's being held semi-accountable for his team's sorry play. Caldwell called the Detroit media the most negative of anywhere's he's been.

Earth to Jimbo. You lucked into success riding the coattails of other head coaches that actually knew what they were doing. Further, the Lions' fans and their media have endured over a half century of ineptitude by their team. It's a miracle they haven't gone into a full-blown revolt and tuned this team out entirely. Now you come along, have one decent year while playing a patsy schedule, then typically crash and burn in your sophomore year while playing some good teams -- and have the utter audacity to complain about the koolaiders finally showing a bit of objectivity? Are you nuts? Spoiled? Or maybe just totally clueless?

Then he turns right around and says criticism doesn't bother him. Huh? Did I mention the words hypocrite, ignorant, and/or moron?

The absolute icing on Caldwell's sorry cake was saying the media's negativity is very noticeable. The poor, poor man. Here he is making a few million bucks a year while having led his team into oblivion and late night punchlines again -- and he's complaining. Say what?

This clown needs to do two things. First, drop to his knees and thank the lord repeatedly for the good fortune that has been bestowed on him over the years, none of which he has rightfully earned on his own merits.

And second, shut up. He'll be leaving town soon, minority or not, and disappear into the ether with all the rest of the former Lions head coaches. After cycling through Detroit, NONE of them have ever gone on to be an NFL head coach again elsewhere. Detroit is the graveyard -- last stop -- for NFL head coaches.

It's like the Eagles hit song Hotel California back in the 70s.

Once you're the head coach of the Detroit Lions, you can check out any time you like -- but you can never truly leave.

Seems to me the Lions pretty well sucked back then too......


  1. Mr. Blank Stare is a dead man walking, yes.

    On the bright side, Granny Martha sacked Mayillen! HHJJ!


    1. Yeah, Mach. And Lew Lew too. Saw that. Was thinking of ranting about it but decided to lay low for a day or two until the dust settles a bit and we see what happens next. Everybody else will be all over it anyway.And for whatever it matters, I think that's great-great Granny Martha. LOL. Have a good one.

    2. And BTW, -- what is HHJJ? Lost me on that one.

    3. Happy Happy Joy Joy. It's from Ren and Stimpy.