Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Yuk worthy sports moments

So San Fran 49er QB Colin Kaepernick said he doesn't play for the money, but rather the love of the game? Indeed. Then why did he and his agent highjack the 49ers into a $126 million dollar contract last year? Ever since he experienced the "show me the money" moment, Kaepernick has been stinking it up on the field. Note to Colin. Don't look now, but your team is in free fall. Better for you to just shut up. In a way it's funny.

Though the World Series is over and the KC Royals have been crowned champions, it was interesting to see NY Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores being allowed to bat towards the end of the deciding Game 5. This guy was hitting .063, with zero home runs, nary an RBI, and the Mets didn't have anybody to pinch hit for him? What did that say about their bench? How bad were THOSE guys? Flores took a called strike three, of course. Nyuk, nyuk.

Detroit Lions GM Martin Mayhew has recently said he considers Matthew Stafford to be an elite quarterback. The Georgia Peach has his full support. That's great, but just one question. Who's supporting Mayhew these days? Isn't this the same clown that has botched recent drafts and been an integral part of a sorry losing franchise for the last fifteen years or so? Let's not forget Mayhew was groomed by a guy named Matt Millen. How did he work out? Should it be a great surprise his protege has turned out to be clueless as well? It would be a knee-slapper in any city other than Detroit. For some strange reason, they still take their football team seriously. Motowners are oblivious to the howls of laughter the Lions continue to generate elsewhere around the country.

According to Sports Illustrated, in the aftermath of a bunch of corrupt crooks being busted at the highest levels of soccer, the latest candidate to run the international futbol hierarchy is a black South African named Tokyo Sexwale. For real. It seems ToeSex was once a political prisoner and has somehow since risen to become a multimillionaire. Why would a South African mom and/or dad name their kid Tokyo in the first place? Beats me. Then again, Tokyo Sexwale is better than, say, Hongkong Longdong. That would be an attention getter. Also hilarious. But so has been the leadership of soccer in recent years. These folks were worse than the US Congress. And we know what a hoot they've been.

Leave it to the same SI folks to feature a NY Met, one Daniel Murphy, on their latest cover. If the Queeners ever had a shot against the Royals, it was doomed. The SI cover jinx is very much alive and well. Maybe not so funny, especially to the orange and blue fans. Their beloved team was zapped back to ground zero in five games by a clearly superior KC squad.

Then again, maybe that's a good thing. Had the Mets won, Rudy Giuliani would have likely found a way to lead a parade, and the always lovable Michael Bloomberg, in his infinite wisdom, might have cut down even further on the ounces of soft drinks average citizens are allowed to consume. These folks were quite the clown acts themselves. It's much better that KC became champions. They just have a good time, unencumbered by such political grandstanding nonsense.

That's the way it should be. No joke about it......


  1. Actually, Motowners are furious at the Lions and are calling for Mayhew's head.

    1. Maybe some, but it doesn't matter. Only Martha can make that call. I hear she was in London to watch her puddy-tats embarrass themselves again. Or maybe she had a spot of tea and enjoyed some old girl talk with Lizzie the Deuce and was completely oblivious to the action of those ruffians on the pitch. Ya think?