Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ezekiel Elliott and the bullet

Former Ohio State star running back and last year's rookie sensation for the Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott likely isn't smart enough to realize how close that bullet came to hitting him in the head.

It's almost like he tried to commit suicide -- but missed.

Already, and still under investigation by the NFL and your usual law enforcement types for an alleged assault on a woman, EE appeared to go brain dead again.

He had the utter audacity, or colossal stupidity to pull down a woman's top, thereby exposing her breast(s), while attending a parade. And everybody eventually saw the video, which quickly went viral.

In the short interim since it happened, some have come forward saying Elliott is immature, perhaps even juvenile in his actions, and shouldn't be held fully accountable. Such apologists miss the obvious.

Elliott is 21 years old. Long since old enough to vote, serve in the armed forces to possibly kill or be killed, now of legal drinking age, and is considered an adult by any legal standard. If he runs too far afoul of the law, it's not like the authorities are going to gently whisk him off to a juvenile facility somewhere, and counsel him into hopefully becoming a better person as he grows up.

Nope, if he does the crime now, he has to do the time. Prison, slam, clank, outta here, and good luck with what happens inside such places.

To his incredibly good fortune, the lady who was the victim of his lewd behavior has said she didn't take it personally, so wouldn't pursue it legally. All in good fun, as it were.

That's her call to make and more power to her.

However, I dare say had she been like most other women, this would have resulted in a far different scenario. They would not, repeat NOT have found this incident the slightest bit amusing. The cops would have been called, a criminal complaint lodged, a report filed, and the wheels of justice would have been set in motion. Mr. Elliott would have been arrested, fingerprinted, photographed, booked, temporarily jailed, and otherwise righteously jammed up on a sexual assault charge.

If it ever went to trial, any prosecutor would have a slam-dunk case against him. Here's the video, Your Honor, or members of the jury. Watch it and render your verdict. I rest my case. How could the defense possibly counter? Temporary insanity? Character witnesses? Pshaw. Good luck with that. It was what it was and, as they say, the tape doesn't lie.

But that's not going to happen because the not-so-good Mr. Elliott stumbled into yet another rose garden when he should have been in a brier patch.

One is left to wonder if the Cowboys, and in particular owner Jerry Jones, will sit him down and explain how things usually work in the real world. Perhaps....

"You can't do this sort of stuff, son, and you should pray and give thanks long and hard that you dodged this particular bullet. Because it was out there, of your own making. If I hear just one more peep from anybody, anywhere about you being anything less than a model citizen, you're gone. I'll void your contract in a heartbeat under the morals clause, and cut you loose. And good luck catching on somewhere else with the media dogging you every step of the way. Do we understand each other here?"

Though a terrific on-field talent, it remains to be seen whether Ezekiel Elliott will ever actually evolve into a truly "grown up" person mentally. He's at a crossroads right now, but probably still doesn't comprehend it.

He's playing for the Cowboys, of course. A big-time hero for "America's team" in their multi-billion dollar palace. A stud of the first order who was given NFL MVP consideration last year. Surely, unimaginable fame and fortune await him in the future -- right?

Maybe. But so does being bounced out of the league by the Commissioner, financial ruin, and a long-term jail cell if he pulls the same stunt with the wrong woman any time in the future. There are many that frown on that sort of thing, and a whole lot of more than eager prosecutors that would like nothing better than to nail EE's hide to the wall for such behavior.

Here's hoping he has brains enough to appreciate the huge break he just caught, heeds the wake-up call and sees the light. It's staring him right in his so far ignorant Buckeye face.

We shall see......

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