Friday, March 3, 2017

What I'd love to see

Besides being a great player, arguably the best all time, actually, it appears that's not enough for one Lebron James. He has come to think of himself as some sort of head coach, general manager, and perhaps has delusions of being a part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In other words, LJ has assumed a definite sense of entitlement. He should be calling the shots, from top to bottom. Memo to Lebron -- "You're a player. You make obscene amounts of money. You've won a few championships. Shut up, know your place, and be happy."

This "King" thing has obviously gone to his head. Royalty he is definitely not, nor ever will be. So here's what I want to see.....  Thousands of Lebron #23 jerseys are out there, having been purchased at ridiculous prices by the idiots with way too many dollars and not enough sense. Of course, the name "James" is emblazoned across the shoulder blades in the back. How to take him back down to the mere peasant he is? Simple. Get rid of the "James" thing, and replace it with "Jimmie". Get a few of those walking around town and the media will pick up on it in a hurry. Then maybe LJ will re-assume his rightful place as a basketball player only.

Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors is out indefinitely with a boo-boo to his left knee. There are those that think the Warriors will be better without him. These people obviously need to be heavily medicated. Of COURSE the team will be worse without him. He's their leading scorer and rebounder. Hello? Recently, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have fallen into a shooting funk. The Warriors suddenly look very vulnerable. And let's not forget those pesky San Antonio Spurs have quietly remained closely on their heels for the best record all year. It's not out of the question they could surpass the Oakland crew for overall home-court advantage come playoff time. And it probably wouldn't be much of a stretch to say Coach Pop's boys would be a formidable opponent to ANYBODY given home court advantage. Good luck knocking those guys off if it plays out that way. Including the above-mentioned Lebron and Co.

But what do I really want to see when it comes to the Warriors? Simple. Some bench player from another team calmly walk up to Draymond Green while in the middle of a game -- and for no apparent good reason give him a thunderous kick in the groin. Of course said player would be ejected. Not a problem. Bring in the next guy off the end of the bench a few minutes later and repeat the procedure. That ought to take care of dear Draymond for a while and if anybody ever had it coming -- it's him. What goes around -- sometimes comes around. A couple of Richter scale moving thuds to the nether regions of Green and he'll get the idea. Don't do that stuff anymore to the other guys. Seems fair enough in a sort of language he would be sure to understand. Besides, Green has a habit of mouthing off to the press. How interesting would it be to see him give an interview while speaking as a soprano -- or -- better yet -- sounding like he just inhaled a couple helium balloons?

It didn't take long after owner Mike Ilitch's death for the Detroit Red Wings to start dumping players and salaries. Actually, this current rebuild has been long overdue. While barely sneaking into the playoffs in recent years, they haven't been serious contenders. It was a mirage. Now they will have a brand new sparkling arena called Little Caesar's to replace Joe Louis which was still entirely functional, but a few hundred million bucks, including a lot of tax-payer dollars went into it. And a team that will be terrible for the foreseeable future to put into it. Let's not forget the Detroit Pistons. Their owner Tom Gores inherited a wonderful world class facility in the Palace of Auburn Hills in the suburbs, put over $10 million into sprucing it up, then turned around and moved the team to downtown Detroit. How much sense did that make? BTW, the Pistons stink too, with no help in sight.

So here's what I'd love to see -- attendance plummet at the new bauble that was never necessary in the first place. Nobody show up. And why should they? To help out a couple billionaire owner families that feature cellar-dweller teams? At the exorbitant prices you just KNOW they'll continue to charge to see such garbage products?

Other things on my want to see bucket list.....

Charles Barkley, laughable swing and all, actually get a hole-in-one, then have it disqualified because he was swinging an illegal club. Oh my, imagine the world-class whine that would follow. Turrilble, just turrible.

After all the hype and uber-inane TV ads leading up to it -- see Michael Smith and Jemele Hill's ballyhooed new ESPN six o'clock jive fest crash and burn in the ratings, and the sooner the better. This entire format was targeted at the idiot demographic anyway.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick finally get a clue.

OJ Simpson be paroled from a ridiculous prison sentence to start with. This was never about justice. It was about payback for a crime a jury said he didn't commit. A travesty.

The NATIONAL Stock Car Racing organization (NASCAR) live up to it's own acronym. "National" means the USA. So no more Toyotas allowed. Let them develop their own circuit in Japan somewhere. And BTW, good riddance. America doesn't need them, nor ever did. A scourge on the domestic auto industry.

And last but not least, see Amazon get a book order right the first time. How many times should one have to select their choices, provide all the relevant info (credit card #, name, address, etc.) and have payment accepted and a delivery date guaranteed -- only to find out they screwed it up, payment is therefore denied, and one has to do it all over again? With the exact same info as the first time? Sometimes it takes them 4 or 5 tries. Who's in charge of this clown act anyway? And do they do it on purpose, just to see how much they can aggravate people?

That's just about as bad as the Detroit Lions baiting their own suckers every year with how good the team will be. And incredibly, they continue to bite. Fools. With me, it's been a few go-arounds with Amazon in the last couple days. The Honolulu blue and silver sappies have been drinking the same koolaid for over 50 years!!  And keep paying more every season to do it.

So the ultimate might be the Lions actually, gasp, cough, gag, right, get to a Super Bowl. But that wouldn't work either. If they happened to actually pull that off and win the danged thing, they'd probably burn the whole town to the ground in the wacky way they seem to celebrate things in the Motor City. Best for them to keep falling short -- even if they don't realize it.

And nobody would really want to see Detroit go up in flames.

Would they?

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