Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Scott Van Pelt and other silliness

Well OK then. I woke up having to go on an emergency bathroom run (something about that spicy Chinese food does it every time), and upon returning to bed, couldn't get back to sleep. Click on the flat screen, ESPN of course.. What did I see? Somebody asking "Where in the world ISN'T Scott Van Pelt?"

The answer appears pretty simple. He's NOT on the air in prime time, perhaps for good reason. While other peanut-heads the world over continue to send in their pix likening themselves to SVP for their own 15 seconds of "see what a moron I am" silliness , it just doesn't seem to resonate much.

No, dear Scott, having left his afternoon gig with Ryen Russillo, only to be replaced with Mr. Chuckles, aka Danny Kanell, is now only to be seen in the wee hours when the drunks are finally staggering home from bars after getting booted out at closing time. In their typical stupors, they probably don't know, or care, who or what they're watching anyway. Scott Van Pelt, the latest Kardashian rumor, ancient re-runs of Wally and the Beave, what does it matter? Urp.

Hope he's making some serious dough with his latest career move, and maybe there's some sober people out there actually tuning him in every night, but danged if it makes any sense to me.

You've seen it happen, but maybe didn't notice the subtlety of it. That's when a talking head conducting a remote interview with a sports figure says -- "Before I let you go, let me ask you this...". Said talking head has just gotten a cue from his producer to wrap up this particular time segment for whatever reason.

Just ONCE, I'd love to see an interviewee respond -- "Before you let ME go? How about before I decide to terminate this little session of inane questions I was kind enough to grant you in the first place? Hey, you and your people approached me about this, not the other way around. So stop with your silly little subliminal suggestions that you're in charge here. You're not. I am."

Would that be great, or what?

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