Wednesday, March 8, 2017

People that need to shut up

Detroit Pistons head coach Stan VanGundy constantly rails against officials during the course of a game. What he needs to realize is his team basically stinks. Sure, they're clinging to the last playoff spot in the otherwise pitifully weak Eastern Conference. But if things stay like they are, that will get them a first round playoff date against the defending world champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Well, good luck with that. Shut up, Stan.

See Piston Andre Drummond reaping the ridiculous rewards of a max contract. See Andre shoot free-throws a little worse than a blind man tripping on LSD. See Andre go over the top of a defender from the backside after a rebound, mauling him in the process, then whine because he got called for the obvious foul. Shut up, Andre.

See Chris Paul and LA Clipper teammate DeAndre Jordan continue to rake in mega-bucks from making moronic TV commercials. They're already both millionaires many times over. Now they have to go on national TV and made idiots of themselves in quest for a few more bucks they don't need?

See Jordan shoot free throws maybe just a tad better than Drummond mentioned above, which still falls in the pitiful range. See Chris Paul, who has never been on a team that won squat in his entire life, and has a hard time even staying healthy enough to play these days, continue to think he's some sort of superstar. See the Clips about 15 games behind in their own division. If things stay like they are, see the Clips get bounced out of the playoffs early -- again -- in a likely second round match-up with either Golden State or San Antonio. I don't know what these clowns are trying to sell on TV, maybe insurance or something, but they need to shut up.

See the Detroit Red Wings, already floundering at the bottom of their conference, trading away many of their half-way decent players for future second-tier draft picks. Things are going to get much worse in the next few years. Any local kool-aided reporter that spins it otherwise needs to shut up.

See Danica Patrick continue to race in NASCAR. See Danica continue to trash $400,000 racing machines. Not just her own, but some of the other guys' as well. See Danica having never won a race. How would you like to be sponsoring that car wreck waiting to happen every week? Here's an idea for dear Danica. Win something. A NASCAR race. A Nationwide minor league race. A local go-kart competition. SOMETHING. This personal demolition derby and the hissy, foot-stomping fits got old a long time ago. And no serious race fan cares about the photo-shoots. It's not like she's got much to show off anyway. It's also somewhat surprising she didn't somehow manage to wreck the photographer's equipment while they were happening. In the meantime, yep, she needs to shut up. And one more thing. Stay the hell out of the way of the good drivers on the race track.

Uh-oh. The Masters golf tournament draws nigh. You just know the media lemmings are breathlessly awaiting the re-emergence of one Tiger Woods. Because of course he'll show up. Never mind he can't even seem to stay healthy enough to complete a couple rounds of golf these days, much less make a cut. The trumpets will sound when His Highness Eldrick makes his grand appearance at Augusta National. Let the thousands of replays from the past begin. Let the tera-bytes of adoration from the talking heads flow like Niagara Falls. Trot out the 70 virgins to be at his beck and call. (Hmm, on second thought, scratch that idea, he'd probably like it WAY too much). Hey, Woods isn't even in the top 500 golfers in the world any more. The competition is far more brutal these days than what he faced during his glory days. His chances of making the cut -- let alone winning another green jacket -- at the Masters are slimmer than Hillary being appointed Pope. These people need to accept the obvious. Stick a fork in him, Tiger's done. It's over. Has been for years. In the meantime, shut up with all the gaga goo-goo groupie stuff.

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