Saturday, March 25, 2017

The sorry case of Colin Kaepernick

Once upon a time not long ago, Colin Kaepernick was quite the stud in the NFL. A big, strong, mobile quarterback for the San Fran 49ers that could throw with the best of them. And then he crashed.

CK not only lost his starting job, but the Niners themselves became absolutely terrible after the departure of head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Of course, he made big news for refusing to stand for the national anthem. Patriotic flag-wavers were outraged. How DARE he? Yet he had every right to do so. Hey, it's America, and no problem. Do what ya gotta do when it comes to protesting this or that, and more power to you. To each their own and God bless. Seemed fair enough.

Yet the "fall-out" from such a stance certainly wasn't helpful to his career aspirations. Currently, dear Colin finds himself without a job. Most knowledgeable football people think the sudden erosion of whatever skills he once had qualifies him to be a back-up QB on another team at best. Yes, even the Browns or Jets.

And some have raised an interesting point. Why would an owner, and/or general manager of an NFL franchise shell out big money to a guy that's projected to be a back-up, while running the risk of alienating a large portion of their fan base over the whole flag/anthem thing? Sure, there are those that will always attempt to play the race card, but they miss the obvious. This dude has become a bit radioactive and most billionaires (owners), clueless as they may be otherwise, don't exactly live on the wild and crazy side of life. Taking on Kaepernick would create a media storm, and not necessarily of a good public relations variety.

So for now, CK remains in limbo.

Never fear, he has struck again. According to Sports Illustrated, Kaepernick has joined a movement to provide over 60 tons (that's 1,200,000 pounds) of food to needy people in Somalia. That's a whole lot of vittles. On the surface, perhaps a noble gesture.

But it could certainly be argued he's shot himself in the foot, again. The United States has millions of homeless people. In northern climes, some freeze to death in the winter. Others try to find shelter wherever they can, be it doorways, alleys, or even dumpsters. Being arrested and going to jail is actually a good thing for some such folks. At least they'll get three meals a day and have a place to sleep. Further, nobody could seriously argue that "food kitchens" and other charitable facilities can keep up with the ever-growing demand of downtrodden Americans in desperate need. Starvation is alive and not so well in the good old USA.

Yet Kaepernick apparently wants to round up all this food and ship it over to Africa somewhere, while apparently ignoring his American countrymen -- and women -- that remain in desperate need themselves. Hungry is hungry, but wouldn't you think the "land of opportunity" that once provided Kaepernick the vehicle to make millions of dollars for playing a game should come first?

[Memo to Colin Kaepernick. That kneel-down thing is just starting to blow over, but you're still not exactly in high demand these days for other reasons. And this latest Somalia gambit isn't doing yourself any favors in the eyes of NFL fans, which are mostly a very patriotic sort. You might want to reconsider before you start shipping all that grub out of the country. Just a thought.]

Or could it be he's..... just..... that.... dumb?

Last time I looked it typically took a little bit of brains to function well as an NFL quarterback. Coaches and general managers seem big on that concept for some reason. Go figure.

And now we have Colin and his latest strategic ploy.


But just when one thinks it can't possibly get any dumber, along comes the South African soccer player who, after scoring two goals in a game, publicly gave thanks to both his wife --- and girlfriend.

Good luck with THAT buddy.......

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