Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! Here's a few handy-dandy suggestions for last minute outfits.

For Al -- c'mon man, give it up. You know you want to do it. Go disguised as Tiger. If you don't get the candy you want -- cuss the big people out at the door and throw a 9-iron at them.

For that mysterious blond girl -- nah, you won't be out there anyway. Never heard of anybody calling in sick for trick-or-treat before, but you'll figure out a way. But D2 might want to consider going door to door dressed up as the daily TV lottery machine. Something about all those balls.....

For Mel -- wherever you go, may they be handing out chrome candy bars. Enough said.

For Deb -- a Chicago Bears and Tennessee Lady Vols fan. I'm thinking there's a whole lot of black and orange already involved anyway. Do a collage. Perfect. And if you get really lucky, maybe somebody will be handing out shots of tequila.

For Chrissy, Lynn, Mary, Pete, and Robin -- get together as a wandering band of bartenders pretending to be polite to their customers. Nobody will EVER see through that disguise. Trust me.

For the Princess, wherever you are -- ah well -- just go as yourself, and keep on doing what you're doing. You might want to consider going a little easier on us peasants, though. We're doing the best we can.

For my boss, Jeff Kuehn, the sports editor at the Oakland Press  -- um, no, I probably shouldn't go there. He might actually have occasion to read this. Still, Simon Legree -- nah -- nevermind.

For anyone else that may be reading my stuff -- I thank you very much, but obviously, like me, you aren't very bright. Perhaps you should go trick-or-treating disguised as a brick.

Me? I'll be the big ugly guy out there ringing your doorbell and trying to pass myself off as a REAL sports reporter. What an ingenious disguise. Nobody will believe that either.

But hold a couple Reese's cups back just in case I find my way on to your porch. Always did like those things....


  1. Actually Haloween costume is a Diva...LOL...everyone knows I am the Princess.

    I have some Reese's for you, but you have to be in costume and no lame Reporter stuff either.

    The Princess

    1. Going as a "Diva" is a good idea. Putting a "Lady Go" in front of that word might even be a better one. Bet you'd get bonus candy for that. LOL