Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who's who in college football

Down goes LSU at the hands of Florida. Down goes Texas in their own back yard courtesy of West Virginia. Down goes Georgia at the hands of South Carolina. Down goes Florida St. having succumbed to the Wolfpack of NC State. Geez, some of the top teams were falling like yours truly once did for Angelena Jolie, before that dastardly Brad Pitt swooped in and stole her away. Rats, foiled again.

So who's left? South Carolina's pretty good, but they have a built in Peter Principle problem. That would be their head coach, Steve Spurrier. While the self-described "old ball coach" can make more faces than Marcel Marceau, and ham it up on the sidelines to the point that would make even William Shatner (Captain Kirk) blush, they are not, repeat NOT, going to win a national title. When crunch time comes, the Gamecocks have a way of being batted around like shuttlecocks.

USC, the preseason #1 in some polls, complete with Heisman hopeful, big man on campus, and all-around super-stud QB Matt Barkley, had already been knocked off by that pesky Stanford, who in turn lost to Washington, then barely survived Arizona. So much for the wild west.

Except maybe for Oregon. They're currently #2 and undefeated. The Ducks always seem to feature a whole bunch of really speedy guys. Could they win it?

Maybe, if it weren't for one thing. Alabama. The defending champion Crimson Tide seems to be picking up where they left off last year. Oregon has speedy little guys. Bama has speedy big and tough guys. As they say -- the race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong -- but that's the way to bet.

Like them or not, yours truly just doesn't see anybody derailing the freight train head coach Nick Saban has under a full head of steam rolling down the tracks in Tuscaloosa.

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