Sunday, October 14, 2012

Say it ain't so

I think all the pink paraphernalia going on in pro sports these days is to show their support for the ladies' breast cancer cause. We've seen pink gloves, pink shoes, pink socks, pink wristbands, pink towels, pink patches and decals, and just about every pink accessory they can come up with. Some old school hard cores probably aren't too fond of all that, be they athletes or fans, but hey, it's kind of cool the "macho-men" themselves have shown they can think with the other "head" for a change, while showing appreciation for their fairer sex counterparts.

To a point.

Now I ask you -- what could be more macho than playing football for the Cowboys down in Big D? In the land formerly inhabited by the "doomsday" defense, toughness had always gone without saying. A few teeth knocked out or a broken bone? No problem. It's just a scratch. Put me back in, coach.

The Cowboys' old stadium was unique in that it had a small opening in the dome, supposedly so even God could watch the "boys". As we all know, that stadium's history, and Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones built his bazillion dollar mega-palace to replace it, replete with the world's largest overhead TV screen inside for the fans' further entertainment. And of course, a similar opening for the Almighty to have an unobstructed view.

The Cowboys have won multiple Super Bowls, have a long list of former players enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame, probably the most famous cheerleaders in the world, and long ago dubbed themselves "America's Team". It seems modesty and humility weren't high on the list down in Big D.

Nevertheless, one thing always remained. That team was about men, dammit. Ain't got no place for sissies, now.  If ya ain't willin' to step up and be a man, then y'all best get on down the road and go play hopscotch or sumthin, cuz we got some serious bidnuh that needs tendin to.

Yessiree Bob, the Cowboys have always been about as macho as it gets. Now they're wearing a few little pink things here and there to support the ladies. Well OK, it's pretty much widely accepted that every woman born after 1970 or so was likely created from one of Roger Staubach's ribs, so giving the babydolls a little credit now and then probably doesn't hurt too much.

But now it's been revealed that something has gone terribly wrong in the kingdom of testosterone.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Dallas Cowboys opened a Victoria's Secret Pink Store inside Cowboy Stadium. If so, SI is right. Surely this would be a sign of the Apocalypse.

C'mon boys. Say it ain't so.


  1. Being an old fart, I was pleased to see how well I responded today when watching the Lions game. My response was not in reaction to the game, but rather the Philadelphia cheerleaders on the sidelines. I don't know how many shots there were where the view was from the waist down and frontal. Those long, lovely legs and tight (revealingly tight) white short-shorts really got my blood circulating. I AM still alive!!!

    1. Always good to hear from you, Al, and congrats on finding a pulse, though I'm pretty sure I don't want to know where you checked it at. I enjoy that sort of scenery as well, but if I remember right, we're about the same age. In other words, even if it was presented on a silver platter, if you or I tried to handle that stuff live and in person -- it would likely be the LAST day we had a pulse. Not a bad way to go, but still.....Have a good one and stay in touch.

  2. John, what is the matter with a Victoria Secret Store inside Cowboys Stadium. All those guys going off to spend a day with their buddys, drinking beer, watching pretty cheerleaders and watching football and now he can bring his lady something pretty from the Stadium. What better way to make your lady happy, and you could do all this at one spot....a Cowboys game....LOL....they have my vote.

    The Princess

    1. Good point, Princess, but just in case you're wondering, the answer is no. Repeat NO!!! I will NOT be hauling my butt all the way down to Dallas to fetch some sort of pink bauble, just so I can present it at your palace door, wherever it is. Besides, even if I could find it, there's an unconfirmed rumor going around you have a pet wolverine named Nyk that patrols the grounds and maims anybody who dares trespass. I'm just saying.....