Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updates, predictions, and the usual II

Update: The Chicago Bears just spanked the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field. The Lions appeared inept throughout and, in a comical moment, though harmlessly falling to the turf, Lions QB Matthew Stafford somehow managed to have his face mask dig up a divot reminiscent of John Daly hitting  a fat wedge shot. The funny part was -- that rather large piece of turf wound up INSIDE his face mask. I mean, c'mon, other Lions' players may have had their issues with "grass" before, but this was ridiculous.
Prediction: The Lions barely squeaked by the St. Louis Rams in their opener. Then got predictably got smoked by the 49ers. Many in the Detroit area thought the following Tenn Titans and Minn Vikings games were gimmes. They became losses. They lucked out in Philly last week for a win. Seattle's coming to town next, and don't look now, but those guys have gotten pretty good, pretty fast, much like the SF 49ers. Look at the remaining schedule. Atlanta comes to town, and last time I looked, they were undefeated. The Houston Texans, possibly the best team in the AFC, visits on Thanksgiving. Home and away with the Packers, who have come to life after a slow start. Another one in Minnesota, who has already beaten the Lions at Ford Field. The Indy Colts, who aren't too shabby with new QB Andrew Luck. Out in Arizona, where the Cardinals are a force to be reckoned with. Another one with Da Bears. The only patsy they seem to have on their remaining schedule is the Jax Jaguars. Currently sitting at 2-4, the Lions will be very lucky indeed to get to 8-8. Last year was nothing more than an anomaly where a lot of things fell into place for the Honolulu blue and silver right up until they got to the playoffs, were exposed as the smoke and mirrors they were, and BTW continue to be, and predictably got blown out.
The usual: Hope will continue to spring eternal amongst some. These are likely the same sort of people that continue to think Ralph Nader will be elected President someday. And somebody please tell me WHY, pray tell, that a person would go out and spend a C-note or two to buy a shirt or jersey that has somebody's else's name on the back that always ended up being a loser? I never did quite understand that. Some folks think Lions' owner William Clay Ford is a recluse, because he rarely shows his face at Lions' games. Yours truly has a different theory. WCF gets a cut on any item sold associated with the Lions. He can't stop laughing long enough to show up and act serious.

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  1. OMG..this whole rant is the boring truth, but the last sentence says it all. I can's stop laughing...how true

    The Princess