Monday, October 22, 2012

Updates, predictions, and the usual I

Update: Romney and Obama had their last presidential debate before the general election.
Prediction: Somebody's going to win, somebody's going to lose, and though we put men on the moon over 40 years ago, we still won't have figured out how to count the votes without somebody somewhere crying foul play.
The usual: Regardless of who wins, what will benefit the American people most is when this whole election season circus is over.

On to sports.....

Update: The Detroit Tigers start the World Series on Wednesday. After trailing the Chisox in the AL central division by 3 games with only 16 to go, and hopelessly out of  "wild card" contention, somehow they pulled it off to get to the "fall classic". They will have had 5 days off after sweeping the Yankees in the "semis". Their starting pitching rotation has been reset with plenty of rest, and ace pitcher Justin Verlander could conceivably pitch 3 games in the WS, if need be. Advantage Tigers. But is it?  On the flip side, the San Fran Giants came roaring back from a 3-1 deficit to knock off the defending world champ St. Louis Cardinals. They're on a roll. Whoever gets hot, and maybe catches a break or two, in the World Series will win.
Prediction: How the hell would I know? This isn't the Harlem Globetrotters taking on the Washington Generals. It's major league baseball. Anybody can beat anybody on any given day.
The usual: Long time season ticket holders in both cities will get booted out of their usual seats to make room for various celebrities and polticians -- who know and/or care as much about baseball as yours truly does about where they bought their outfit --  and will quickly depart back to their limos, Lears and Gulfstreams, as soon as the cameras and microphones turn away from them.

This is bass-ackwards. If all the glittery types want to REALLY be there, then let THEM participate in a raffle -- for bleacher seats. They might even learn something up there sitting with the hard core fans. Regardless, leave the season-ticket holders alone in their seats. They've earned it.


  1. John: A couple of things...Thank You for not making any long winded predictions like you did a month or so ago about how the Tigers could not possibly win the AL or even be a Wild Card team. Second..I actually agree, leave the season-ticket holders alone. They continually spend money on those seats for the good of the why should they be ousted.

    The Princess

    1. I humbly beg to differ, Your Highness. While I freely admit to being a gas-bag at times, I made no such prediction that the Tigers would not qualify for the post-season. I merely stated the odds, at the time, did not look good. Now, begging your Royal forgiveness, I must take an aspirin, lay down and put a cold compress on my forehead, because I feel somewhat faint. This is what happens when you agree with me. LOL