Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gary Player in the nude

No, you won't see any pix here, but according to news reports, the 77 year old South African golfing legend is going to lay it all out there in an upcoming issue of a sporting magazine. Well, kiss my grits and greats balls of fire. This is ground-breaking stuff. It's not just every day something like this happens. Especially coming from a guy that has heretofore been known as the ultimate gentleman's gentleman.

Yeah, one can already imagine the sort of stuff the jokesters will generate over this in the near future. Throw in a few golf items/terms like driver, wedge, balls, putter, dog-leg, bunk(her), etc., and no doubt the people that dream up such one-liners will tee-off on Mr. Player. There will be a million of them.

But you know what? I give the man major credit for having the, oops, I almost said it, ahem, courage to do such a thing. And why not? Where is it etched in stone that there's an age limit on what some people find sexy?

It's easy for younger people to poke fun at their elders. I did it myself. Thing is, as the years have rolled by and God has allowed me to hang around -- those old jokes don't seem nearly as funny as they once were. Imagine that.

For that matter, it's also been reported that Gary Player routinely does 1000 sit-ups a day. Though slight of stature, Player has always appeared fit over the years -- but 1000 daily sit-ups? He might be 77, but we're talking about some seriously ripped 6-pack abs going on here.

No, I probably won't buy the magazine, because I'm not much into male models, regardless of their age. Different strokes.

But if this can happen, then yours truly can only hope it opens the door to others willing to do much the same thing.

In a perfect world, Hugh Hefner and his Playboy folks have taken notice, and have contacted Betty White for a centerfold extravaganza of their own in the near future.

THAT one I'd buy. Forget the usual bimbos. They're a dime a dozen. Betty White is in a class by herself. What a woman.

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