Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Miami. Welcome to the woodshed

Holy hickory switches. I haven't seen a whuppin like that since Granny used to get after Jethro. Or maybe since Elin caught Tiger cheating on her. This was painful stuff -- even to watch.

After thumping the San Antonio Spurs in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat got a serious dose of backwards deja vu in Game 3. In other words, the game was fairly close until the middle of the third quarter, and then it quickly turned into a blowout.

San Antonio 113, Miami 77?  As in a 36 point difference? There's routs. There's beatdowns, and  -- well I don't know. What comes after beatdown? Whatever it is happened to the Miami Heat in San Antonio. When's the last time anybody can remember the Heat, at least in the Lebron James era -- getting trashed like that? Especially during a playoff game, let alone the Finals. Wow.

Turns out, when San Antonio gets it revved up, they're every bit as formidable as Miami. After Game 2, many, including yours truly, thought the tide had swung in Miami's favor. And then San Antonio comes out and blisters their South Beach butts in Game 3.

This series was predicted to be highly competitive from the start, but I doubt many thought a couple of blow-outs would happen -- one by one team -- and then the other returning the favor the very next game.

All the pressure just shifted to Miami. Sure, they might well come out in Game 4 and play a lot better -- maybe even win. They better, because if they get trashed again and go down 3-1 with San Antonio hosting Game 5 to close them out for a championship -- I dare say even the Heat -- despite all their talent and expectations -- don't want to face San Antonio on a roll and their home crowd at a fever pitch with all the marbles on the line.

And you know what? Though some may disagree -- unless you're specifically a Miami fan -- how can you root against San Antonio? They don't get all the press and hype that Miami does, while playing in a much smaller market. But from top to bottom, they're a class act. You won't see their players flopping trying to draw referee whistles for fouls that didn't happen. Nor will they partake in the occasional physical intimidation tactics (see dirty) that the Miami Heat and so many other teams do when they get frustrated. They just play the game the way it's supposed to be played. At a very high level in all the fundamentals, I might add. Further, from head coach on down to the last player on the bench -- unlike certain Heat players -- they'd rather shy away from the TV cameras and interviews on or off the court. They do their talking with their play. How refreshing.

No, it's certainly not over yet. I, for one, would never underestimate what the Miami Heat are capable of in the next few games. They might well get back on a roll of their own and repeat as champions.

But I know who I'm rooting for.

Anymore, I'll take class over brass anytime. It took a very long time for yours truly to finally figure that out.

Either that, or I must be geting old. Sigh.

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